My August Simple Loose Leaf Tea Box!

Hi everyone! Today is the first day of my new blog schedule and my subscription box from Simple Loose Leaf Tea! Which reminds me, I should probably update my “About” page since that still has my old schedule on it!


But first, let’s look back at the July box and what I thought of those!

  • Lily Yin Hao – I think I let this steep a little too long or maybe it just wasn’t for me. It tasted very earthy but kind of burnt almost? It’s hard to explain!
  • Green Berry Delight – this one had no caffeine and smelled like cereal. I liked it!
  • White Tipped Oolong – it was sweet and sharp, but I felt it would have been better cold.
  • Tropical Black – this was my favorite. It was very sweet and refreshing. I think it probably would be great iced as well. I honestly keep debating moving my mini fridge from college upstairs to my room so I can keep ice on hand!

So overall a good box! Now onto the August box!

First one I grabbed from the pile is the Kashmiri Chai. If you’ve been here before you know I LOVE chai so I’m super excited. I can’t wait to try this one! I might make a cup of this one after I’m done with the current tea I’m drinking. It does have caffeine and contains green tea, cinnamon chips, almonds, cloves, crushed green cardamom, and cardamom seeds with almond and cinnamon flavor. It does originate from China, which is popular with our teas in these boxes. The leaflet recommends it to be hot and with raw honey.

Next is the Grand Keemun, and the only ingredient is Grand Keemun black tea. It’s also from China and the leaflet says it’s a light tea with fruit and smoky notes in the scent. Apparently it also has a bit of unsweetened coco and says it’s best served with milk, which we never have at home unfortunately!

Third is the Berry Chamomile, which is from India and does not have caffeine. Usually I get one non-caffeinated tea so this one is it! It has chamomile, orange peel, hibiscus, raspberry leaves, safflowers, and berry flavor. It sounds great and could be good both hot and iced.

Last is Green Hibiscus, which has Chinese green tea, hibiscus, marigold petals, safflowers, jasmine flowers, and mango flavors. This is also a hot or cold drink so I’m guessing they did this because it’s nearing the end of summer and it’s been super hot out lately! I might actually try one of those instead of the chai. It sounds really good!


Let me know if you have tried this subscription box! If you’re interested in this box feel free to use my link from Simple Loose Leaf Tea, so you can get 25% off your first box (and I get 25% off my next box as well!).

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I just had the green hibiscus today and it was very good, but could’ve used a little sugar as most teas with hibiscus do! It was good hot and cold later on when I had forgotten I’d made it (: hope you enjoy them all

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