My July Books & Entertainment!

Hi everyone! Today I’m going over my books and entertainment for the month! I have so much to go over so let’s get started!



So this month I read one book, my text book for class! Unfortunately Goodreads did not already have the book so I had to add it in order for it to recognize I read one whole book. So now I am at 8 out of 20 books read although this does make me think that I didn’t add the marketing textbook last semester. Ah well, this does make me 3 books behind schedule so I hope I can pick up the pace in August.

Negotiations: Theory and Practice

4 out of 5 stars


So the textbook was a collection of articles put together by the professor for the class. I thought negotiations was the most useful class I’ve taken, or at least in the top 5. I thought the book did a great job of showing how important the topics were without feeling repetitive. I mean, at the end of the day it was repetitive but only because it was looking at the most important parts multiple times from different ways. There were many articles that brought up different situations I had been in or plausible situations I could be in, which made it all the more relevant. I am so glad to have gotten through this one!

Also, fun fact, in school I would take my textbooks home to read even if I didn’t have homework in them because it was my pet peeve not to finish the entire thing. So the fact that we read every chapter in this one is amazing! (If you’re reading it, should out to my friend from undergrad who took the class last year and let me have her text book! She’s amazing!!!)


As I mentioned last time, there’s the Google Podcasts app now which I am so happy about! Since switching to a Google Pixel 2 the only thing I really missed was the Apple Podcasts app. Now though, it’s so easy to find podcasts.

The podcast I was the most excited about was The Hamilcast: A Hamilton Podcast which is, as titled, about Hamilton the musical! In it Gillian Pensavalle interviews guests related to the musical. I hadn’t been able to find it anywhere besides Apple Podcasts or direct on the website, which I always forgot about so I hadn’t been listening to it. I forgot exactly where I had left off before so I started with the episodes with Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the musical as I remembered I had almost reached those episodes before I switched. It’s a ton of fun and Gillian is a great host!

Per usual, I listen to NPR Up First every morning before work while I get ready to leave. The podcast is usually around 10-15minutes and covers the most important news of the day so it’s a great start. I usually follow up with Pod Save America although that one is always very long and takes a few days to get through as I don’t finish it when I leave the house and don’t always listen at work.

I’m also exploring new (to me) podcasts such as Hannahlyze This, The Laptop Lifestyle, and more!

TV Shows

So I believe the only show I really watched was The Crown this month. I finally finished season two! This season is the last with the current cast as the next one jumps forward many years and older actors are being cast. I am sad to see this group go, but so excited to see the story develop with new people.

I really do enjoy all the characters. Seeing episodes not only focused on Queen Elizabeth II but also Princess Margaret, Prince Charles, and other characters is great. I also love the costumes, the accents (of course), and how real it seems. For example, the episode with Jackie Kennedy where google searches could show articles fact checking the story and relating it back to real events. I already can’t wait for season three!


The first movie I saw this month was Cars 3, on Netflix. My dad had been flicking through the kids movies when the tv signal went out due to storms and he picked this one out. I hadn’t seen Cars 2 as it had seemed terrible, unlike the original Cars, so I expected this one to be bad. But I was very surprised, it was great! I’m not sure how I missed it but I think it was probably overlooked thanks to the sequel. This story was not perhaps as good as the first film, but definitely came close. Basically the story follows Lightening McQueen as he watches his racing friends retire one by one as the new, more technologically advanced racing cars dominate the scene. McQueen then has to decide how he’s going to go on in the racing world and try to win back his titles.

The next movie I have is the Incredibles 2. Technically I did see this one last month, if you remember my film review on this one. However I did see if after my post went live (the struggles of sticking to a weekly based schedule rather than date based), so I’m including it here! If you haven’t seen it yet, please do! I promise, it does hold up to the first Incredibles film and does the Pixar world proud. There is a spoiler-free section in my review as well as a section with spoilers if you’re interested!


Finally, I couldn’t leave out Coco! I’m sure you remember my obsession with this film as well as my film review on it a few months ago (well 7 months ago I think). I think I’ve seen this film at least once per month since the first time I saw it. I both have access to it on Nextflix and I also own it on Blueray so I can see it basically whenever I want, which is often. I honestly can’t wait for October as there’s a ton of Dia de los Muertos themed events that I’ve already found that hope to go to from park districts near me to DIY projects at a local library.

Mobile Games


The first game is, of course, Hogwarts Mystery! How’s Ava Samwise Quagmire doing? Well turns out she’s a terrible dueler. We haven’t won a dueling tournament yet and we refuse to buy more tickets because we want a cat. I mean, we have enough gems for a cat BUT STILL. Ava Samwise is still really good at her classes and right now we’re trying to level up her strength and empathy as intelligence is really high but the others are barely above the requirements for most of the friend encounters (meals, butterbeer, and gobstones). We were at the character level max for awhile but now it’s been increased so we’re making progress there and are finally not in last place for the house cup! Currently tied for second place. The amount of time that is spent waiting for energy, or encounters, or just about anything is still incredibly annoying but we’re getting through it.

The second game I played on my phone was Life is Strange. If you are unfamiliar with this game it was originally a console game I believe and it’s a great story. I did see the game already through YouTube playthrough videos so I wasn’t playing the first chapter blind but it was still fun to explore. The main issue now is that only the first chapter is free to play and I don’t want to pay for the rest of the game right now so I don’t think I’ll continue it. However it was so fun to make the choices for myself on what Max would do and I hope I can play the entire game someday.


I have three songs I wanted to mention this month.

I’ve always liked Pink and her song Just Like Fire is one of my favorites lately. I particularly like the lyric “Impossible, please! Watch me do it with ease.” Her songs are always so empowering and make we want to focus and get to work to meet my goals!

It wouldn’t be an entertainment post without a Taylor Swift mention! I’ve loved her song Call It What You Want and have it playing in my car on repeat. Well, I would if I knew how to do it in my car, I’m sure there’s a way but I am actually just manually repeating it. I find the song so fun and sweet!

And the last song is by Charli XCX, and it’s her Break the Rules song! Personally I find it hilarious that I like this song of hers since part of the lyrics is “I don’t want to go to school, I just want to break the rules” which COULD NOT be farther from the truth for me but it’s so fun! So even though I would very much prefer to go to school and not break any rules whatsoever, I’m going to keep enjoying it. Oh, also she’s British I believe and says “dancing” in such a funny way! I love it!


As per usual, I have not tracked my YouTube videos to highlight here so I am going through my history on YouTube to find some videos and/or channels to mention. Hold Please!

Okay I’m back, here we go!

The first video I’m going to mention is the from the Sacconejolys, Baby Takes Her First Steps!!, which just came out over the weekend! My mom and I have been watching every video in hopes baby Alessia would walk and she finally took her first tiny little steps on her own. My mom thinks she’s scared, I think she just gets impatient, but she’s finally learning. Just in time for Baby #4 to join the family!

Next is a video from Simone Giertz, Back from brain surgery. I found Simone a few months back because she builds “shitty” robots, which are still totally awesome! Anyway, Simone found out that she had a brain tumor which she named “Brian” and that resulted in the brain surgery mentioned in the title of the video. Simone understandably took time off after her brain surgery and then posted a lovely video to come back with regarding her experience. I’m very happy she’s okay and I’m so excited to see more of her robots!

And the last video is Felicia Day’s 12 hour #KeepFamiliesTogether Charity Livestream. Yes, that’s right, Felicia Day streamed for 12 hours straight in order to raise money for the campaign to reunite the kids that the orange idiot’s administration kidnapped from their parents and haven’t returned. I’m only halfway through the livestream myself as it’s so long but it is super fun to watch, despite such a heavy topic. Felicia has many of her high profile friends join her such as Joss Whedon, Joven Ovenshire from Smosh, other Twitch gamers, other actors (including from Firefly and Supernatural), and so many more! They play games, do challenges, and every time they get a donation over a certain amount they dance and do giveaways. Obviously the giveaways are no longer going on as the livestream is long over but I’m still committed to watching the entire thing. I do regret not buying a shirt from the campaign she was holding as I didn’t realize it was only until a certain date until it was too late to get one. I believe she has a new one now (or she was promoting one from the organization behind the movement) that I’ll need to check out.

And that’s my July books and entertainment! Let me know what’s been entertaining you this month. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Ahhh girl SUCH a good month! School takes up ALL the time with reading! And I am the same way! I get so mad when we don’t finish a textbook! I am finally starting to red and it makes me so happy! I LOVE the Hamilton podcast! SO good I agree Gillian is a great host! The crown is also SO good! Just binged watched it!
    And I JUST got into the Harry Potter game and it is addicting! But I agree waiting for everything to load is annoying! I hope August is an amazing month for you beauty! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hadn’t met anyone else that liked the Hamilton podcast yet!! Glad I found another listener! Haha I’m soooo obsessed with the Harry Potter game. I get so annoyed at the dueling though!!! Hope August is a great month for you as well lovely!


  2. You are crazy for wanting to finish reading all of those text books lol but I’m very impressed with your dedication to doing so!! You should totally watch Cars 2, it’s not as good as the first one but it’s still fun! You are so far in the HP game, I need to get back on that! & I’ll have to check out the Life is Wonderful game even if only the first chap is free. Sounds fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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