My Silk Flowers Review!

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to review my silk flowers from Silk Plants Direct! 

I received some silk flowers in the mail the other day and have just fallen in love with them!


Disclaimer: the Silk Flowers were provided to me by the lovely people at CSI Wall Panels. They have some awesome looking 3D wall panels and more over at their website so if you were interested in checking them out!


When I was asked to pick out a product to review, I naturally moved to the flowers section. My favorite flowers are peonies and I fell in love with two of the colors they came in. I picked out the orchid two tone peonies, which are a light pink/white ombre, and the lilac two tone peonies, which are a deeper pink color with a very subtle lighter pink on the tips.

So how do I feel about my choices? Well, the flowers are beautiful! They are extremely tall as they are 27″ tall and are 6″ in diameter for the flower and leaves. The flowers look amazing and the details on the leaves look pretty up close. They are a little delicate, as they can fold easily but they come well packaged so I haven’t had a huge issue with that. The flowers themselves are sooooo soft and although you likely won’t be touching them much, they feel so luxurious.

The stems do come with notches so I imagine you could use that as guides to cut them if you think they’re too tall and they would end up fairly even. However, I think they’re perfect the way they are for large vases. In fact, the only vases I own were either too short or blue for them so I had to borrow one from my mom (thanks mom!). I do intend to find one that I like that will fit them, and it will have to be quite large as I received 12 of each color, so it’s quite massive if they’re all together. Ooooo perhaps I could do two vases!

They seem very easy to care for, as they can be cleaned by dusting or wiping with a damp cloth. I’m not that great with actual plants when it comes to indoor plants, so these are perfect!


So for now, the flowers are at the top of my bookcase because, as I said, I don’t have a proper vase for them. The only vase I have is blue (you can see it peeking out at this angle) so I’m hiding the vase behind a bunch of other items but once I get actual vases for them I’ll likely move them to my desk corner.

Once again, thank you so much CSI Wall Panels for the flowers! They really brighten my day whenever I see them and I absolutely love them.

Thanks for reading!


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