My Beauty Bag Collection & Unclutter!

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my beauty bag collection as well as hopefully getting rid of a few! As I’m sure you remember from my dresses, handbags, mugs, jewelry, shoes, video games, perfume, and Christmas mugs collection posts (not going to lie, I had to look up my posts to see what I’d posted) I’m a big of a hoarder and have a ton of stuff I don’t need.


However! There is a community garage sale coming up and I’m hoping to take full advantage and try to sell as much as possible. I also am thinking of setting up a Poshmark store (I do already have a profile but nothing posted) to try to sell the nicer stuff and sell year round.

So either way I’m trying to go through as much as possible before next month’s sale so I can get as much out of the way as possible. I’m being really hopeful that I can get rid of at least half of my items. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

So let me show you my beauty bag collection!


Starting on the left is a light blue bag with white polka dots. It is from a gift with purchase probably 5-6 years ago from Estee Lauder. I do like it but it’s just so big so I am going to try to get rid of it. I might check the Poshmark section of the brand to see if this is something that someone might want, otherwise it’ll be in the garage sale.

In the middle is a small white bag, with two compartments and zippers. I believe it was also from a gift with purchase but from Bare Minerals. I used this bag for awhile but I actually find it to be really heavy by itself so I’m going to add this to the garage sale pile.

Lastly, is a pink, cream, and black bag from Benefit. I think I got this one from an event at Sephora when I got my brows done or a gift with purchase, I can’t recall exactly. I love it, I use it every time I travel, and it’s amazing! There’s the main top compartment and a flat bottom one. I am absolutely keeping it as I use it all the time.


For the next photo, two of the bags are Beauty and the Beast themed! One came from my sister and another from a former classmate of mine in undergrad. I don’t use them but it’s one of my favorite movies so I might try to keep only one. Or both. Oh dear, this isn’t going well at all so far!

The bag on the far right is a lovely dusty pink bag that was part of a Bare Minerals kit I believe. I really love the color and have used it a lot in the past but I don’t anymore. I think this one might end up in the sale pile.


The next four are mostly gifts with purchase as well, or just a gift. The top left is a GWP bag from Estee Lauder that was a collaboration with Lily Pulitzer. I adore this bag and will keep it as it’s just too cute!

Bottom left is another Estee Lauder GWP but the collaboration with Lisa Perry. I don’t think I’ve ever used it so this might go on Poshmark.

Top right is a well used Lancome GWP bag and I loved the Parisian influence. I mostly got it because it reminded me of my spring break in Paris while studying abroad in Barcelona. It’s so used I doubt I could sell it anyway so I might keep it awhile longer and use it a bit more.

And bottom left is an Ipsy bag with ice cream cones on it! A lovely blogger friend sent her Ipsy bag to me once as she ordered it but then later decided she didn’t want the products as they weren’t organic (she made the switch after ordering). I took it off her hands and enjoyed the products but I just haven’t used the bag at all even though it’s so cute! I think this will go in the sale pile as I’m hoping a little girl will walk by and love it as much as I do and take it home!


We are almost done! The bag on the left is a shiny Sephora Play bag from one of their luxury boxes. I love how it looks but it’s much too small for me, so I’m adding it to the sale.

And the right is a cream bag with a pink layer with cutouts on top. I can’t recall how I got this bag at the moment (probably a box) but I love this one and use it often as well when I travel. I will be keeping this one!


Lastly is my collection of the monthly Sephora Play box bags! I didn’t realize how long I’d been getting the box for but it looks like I have 11 bags, so nearly a year! I don’t really use these at all. I think I’ve maybe only used one or two a couple times each as I was in a rush and grabbed the newest one (I know I’ve used the “Beauty is my spirit animal” one and I think the other blue one that just says “Play!” and has red strings). I did have the idea a few months ago of keeping them and taking them to Mexico so my cousins could pick from them which ones they liked. I have a lot of girl cousins (I doubt the boys would be interested) so I can’t really take them anything too expensive or large but maybe small bags would be cute? I’m not sure as they also look cheap and I don’t want them judging me haha! So I’m not 100% sure what to do with them. I think I’ll run the idea by my mom and if she thinks it’s not that great I’ll add them to the sale or something.


So that’s my collection! That was 12 bags and 11 of the Sephora box bags in that last picture and I’m getting rid of (hopefully) 17 of them, leaving me with 6. I think that’s a decent number and I’ll try to avoid getting more.

What did you think of my collection? Any you think I should also add to the sale pile? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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