My Vacay VoxBox Review!

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing the items I received in my Vacay VoxBox! The box was sent to me from Influenster, complimentary for review purposes.


I have honestly lost track of how many VoxBoxes I’ve received but I believe this is maybe the third or fourth box. I don’t get them too often, so I do still get excited for them!

This box was decently sized. I received four items in my box and a voucher to pick up one of two flavors of an item for free which I’ll get into later. I do have to say, the promotion for this box did contain some nice looking shoes so I was sooooo hopeful but nope. Ah well, the items included were pretty good!


So the first two items were both from Eva NYC. The first item was the Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer, which retails for $11.99 for a full size. I didn’t use this too much as I’m really not use to spraying stuff in my hair so I honestly would forget to use it all the time. However, it did smell amazing and did seem to reduce frizz and tangles quite a bit, which are always my main areas of concern. The second item was the Clean It Up Shampoo, which retails for $8.99. I didn’t like the smell of it as much as I liked the primer’s scent but it wasn’t bad at all. I felt like I had to use more of it than of my regular shampoo though to get my hair feeling clean. I might repurchase this if I still like it after using up the entire sample bottle. It does say the brand is available at ULTA, Sally Beauty, Target, and Riley Rose.

The next item I have to admit I haven’t tried yet as I never use fake lashes but I did get a package of the new KISS Blowout Lashes in Pageboy, which retail for $4.49 for a single pack. I probably will try them out as I need to review them for the box online but I am pretty bad at applying false lashes (probably because I never use them) so it’ll have to be after I go somewhere. They look fancy but not too over the top so I think I’ll like them in that regard!

The last item that came in the box, besides the aforementioned voucher, is the Invisibobble Original in Blush Hour, which retails for $7.99. The Invisibobble is a sort of hair tie that doesn’t cause knots and I have to say, it’s great! This one I’ve tried extensively and I have to admit that I didn’t have much faith in it as my hair is quite heavy and I normally need at least two elastics to hold it up. However this works pretty good at keeping my hair in a bun through moderate activity.

As for the voucher, it was for a free bag of Sour Patch Kids Ccandy Fire or Freeze flavors from Target, which retail for $1.99. When I went to my local Target they only had the Fire flavored bag of candy, which I was only slightly disappointed in as I was actually hoping to get the Freeze bag. The Fire bag had fruity flavors while Freeze was stated to have lemonade so that was why. However the Fire bag was really good and although I likely wouldn’t repurchase as sour candy isn’t my favorite but it was still enjoyable and fun to try.

So that was my Vacay VoxBox from Influenster! As I stated everything was provided free for review purposes. I was thrilled to get such a great box. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these items or find them interesting. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Oh what a fun box!! I’m jealous I never get these variety boxes lol. I looove sour candy. When we saw the fire & ice at the store, we bought both! I thought the fire was better but boyfriend preferred the ice! 😋

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  2. I love Sour Patch Kids! I have not heard of those new flavors though, so I’ll have to check them out. A bit annoying that they only give you a voucher though (which you have to go and get yourself) as opposed to actually sending it out in the box. They did that with one of my VoxBox’s, but I never redeemed it. I rarely go to stores. lol

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    • The only reason I got these was because the voucher was for Target, and I’m there all the time. But I 100% agree with you! I wouldn’t get the product otherwise if it wasn’t at a place I would normally go to. I keep getting picked for the “virtual” boxes but I don’t do those and I wish there was a way to opt out. I think I must have selected yes at some point… But if it’s something good I would still consider it I suppose!

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