My July Simple Loose Leaf Tea Box!

Hi everyone! I’ve received my next tea box from Simple Loose Leaf Tea Company! I recently started getting these boxes so I can’t wait to see what’s in this one!


First up though, I wanted to go over what I thought about my June box teas.

  • Blood Orange Herbal Tea: I did love this one! I really like blood orange. It was sweeter than I expected but I was fine with that! I think this would be great as an iced tea too.
  • QuiLan Oolong Tea: I liked this one as well. It reminded me more of a black tea and those are some of my favorites.
  • Blue Lady Grey Tea: Another hit! I loved the scent of this one and it tasted delicious!
  • Genmaicha Tea: I did not like this one. I only had maybe two sips before I decided it was not for me. I didn’t finish the cup after that and I doubt I’ll finish this tea.

So that was my previous box! Now onto July! I did notice the reusable tea bags were included again although they are different from last months, which was interesting.


The first tea I pulled out was Lily Yin Hao. This tea is described as a mild and slightly woody green tea. I think I’m probably going to like this one but it just might a little too light. I can’t wait to try it!

The second tea was White Tipped Oolong. This one says it’s smooth and earthy. I did like last month’s oolong but that description says it doesn’t taste like a typical oolong so I’m curious how I’ll feel about this one.

The third tea was Tropical Black which already sounded amazing. But the ingredients say it has pineapple and coconut both of which I don’t like. I’ll still try it but I doubt I’ll enjoy it much. Oh, I almost forgot. The first two teas are from China but this one is from India.

And the fourth tea is Green Berry Delight, which does sound delightful! It does say it’s a herbal tea from Africa. It It says it has raspberry and acai berry, both of which I like so I can’t wait to try this one! The description also says it could be enjoyed either hot or iced so I might try both!


Let me know if you have tried this subscription box! If you’re interested in this box feel free to use my link from Simple Loose Leaf Tea, so you can get 25% off your first box (and I get 25% off my next box as well!).

Thanks for reading!


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