If We Were Having Coffee – July 2018

Hi everyone! Help me welcome July with a cup of coffee and a chat! I can’t believe that we’re already in July. It seems like this year is flying by!


Today I’m having the new dragonfruit drink at Starbucks! I did manage to try it this month before it started selling out in locations near me and I really liked it.

So let’s get into our chat!

If We Were Having Coffee

If We Were Having Coffee, I’d tell you all about how I’m totally over thunder storms that have been in the area for about two weeks. I hate driving in the rain since I got in an accident years ago and yet it always has to rain during my commute, even if it’s not in the forecast. Then my friend and I keep trying to go to Six Flags and every day that we’re both free the forecast changes to stormy which doesn’t work at an amusement/water park at all. I’m so done with it!

If We Were Having Coffee, I’d tell you how I’ve come to the conclusion that health insurance is an absolute scam. First, I have to pay money every month for insurance, which is fine. BUT then the only thing that is covered at 100% is preventative care. Which is super limited. If I go to the ER or doctor’s for anything else I have to pay a few grand out of pocket first before the insurance starts covering anything. Of course, this is just the insurance I have through work and a ton of coworkers have told me that there’s much better policies out there but they’re also more expensive and also don’t necessarily cover everything. In my opinion, if I pay for insurance everything needs to be covered at 100%. My auto insurance does that, so why not health, dental, or vision? So annoying!

If We Were Having Coffee, I’d tell you how I have increased my Netflix watching this week. I noticed my dad has been watching a ton more soccer because of the world cup and he’s normally watching Netflix during that time so I have to make up for it.

If We Were Having Coffee, I’d tell you how although I didn’t plan for this to start so negative I have one more thing that’s kinda complain-y. My public library sent their newsletter that included their programs for adults for the next few months. They have a lot that sound cool, and there were DIY programs that required registration. I went online to register two days later and they were all full! My library is never busy so I didn’t expect that they would be sold out already. I did get on the waitlist for them but things don’t look positive as I noticed the waitlists were closed after I went online so I’m guessing I’m at the bottom of the waitlist. Sigh.

If We Were Having Coffee, I’d tell you how I have hung out with so many work friends IRL. On Thursday I went with two friends to mini golf, dinner, and a movie. Then yesterday I went to game night hosted by a work friend. And then today one of my work besties went to Six Flags with me (one of the mini golf friends)! We were chased out because of storms but it was so fun and I had fun hanging out with them.


If We Were Having Coffee, I’d tell you how I’m starting to get stuff ready for a garage sale! So my subdivision sent out a flyer that they were having a subdivision wide garage and my mom and I are all in. We’ve never done it and now I’m gathering books I don’t need to try to sell them. I can’t wait to try it out although I’m worried it’ll be more trouble than it’s worth. Now that I think about it, I may have mentioned this before.

If We Were Having Coffee, I’d tell you that although I’m sad I missed picking strawberries at a local farm, I’m happy I missed out on getting a million mosquito bites. That always happens!

If We Were Having Coffee, I’d tell you that I need to get working on my homework again! I started quite a bit of it but haven’t picked it up again in a few days. I should start!

If We Were Having Coffee, I’d tell you how my bookshelves are starting to look empty. I’m trying to to buy more things though so I might try to turn it into a space for stuff to review or something. Any other ideas?

If We Were Having Coffee, I’d tell you how excited I am for the adventures that are to come in July!

My Life in Seconds

This app is actually starting to make me think my life is quite boring. Usually I’m not sure what to do because the highlight of my day is generally something that has already been seconded, like lunch on the patio. Ah well, it’s still fun, even if sometimes I forget and have to use photos instead of seconds to fill every day. Plus, some days are really awesome so it’s fun to share it!

And that’s what I’d share for our coffee chat and my One Second A Day video. Let me know what you’d share in our coffee chats!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I looove your one second a day video!! I got so excited when I saw that you were at Rep Tour! I’m going in two weeks. I’ve followed you before on previous old blogs and I can’t get enough of these kinds of posts. You have a new subscriber!

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  2. I am so with you on the health insurance and I have good insurance. Like, I pay every month and rarely go the doctor so what am I paying for? I still pay quite a lot out of pocket when I do go to the doctor. It doesn’t make any sense to me, it’s a scam!! I love garage sales, I hope your goes well!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes!!! I haven’t found anyone that doesn’t agree with me about this health insurance scam thing. But seriously it made me so annoyed the other day haha. It seems like there’s no point! And I can’t wait, thank you for your well wishes for the garage sale! 🙂

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  3. Hearing all about American healthcare & insurance makes me so thankful for the NHS. I know everyone moans about it but honestly it is amazing really! I hope you manage to find a better insurance 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s so useless here! And I think I will shop around but ultimately, the one at work is partly paid for by my employer so I’m sure I’ll end up sticking with it for the most part. The NHS sounds really nice compared to it! I have seen some of the downsides like wait times and so on before but either way you have to wait to be seen as the schedule allows and stuff so the NHS still sounds better haha.

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  4. The dragonfruit drink has sold out everywhere near me, too! I only got to try it once.

    That totally sucks about all of the thunderstorms. I hope the weather clears up for you soon. & I feel ya about the health insurance. I just canceled mine lol. Supposedly the tax where they charge you extra for not having it is supposed to go away by next tax season so I don’t care for it anymore.

    I’m sorry you’re on the waitlist for the DIY at your library. Hopefully people back out on time so you can get in!

    You look so adorable in that photo! Your shirt is the cutest.

    I don’t think you’ve mentioned the garage sale before. Sounds exciting! There will probably be some goodies for you to shop through too so it will def be worth it. 🙂

    Loved the video! Your life doesn’t seem boring at all. ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t tried to get it again but I’m guessing it still is sold out!
      So far the weather has gotten better but unfortunately it’s supposed to storm again tomorrow! Hopefully that insurance tax does go away, I found it so annoying!
      It doesn’t look like anyone has cancelled yet and some are coming up so I’m going to guess they won’t. Maybe I can YouTube the craft and do it on my own!
      And thank you!!! Haha I was surprised my shirt matched my drink, I didn’t plan to get that one that day so it was an accident but I’m glad I did because of the whole sold out situation haha.
      Yeah, I can’t wait to see what my neighbors put out in their sales. Hopefully there’s good participation. This year they actually sent out the flyer so we actually saw it.
      And I’m glad you liked the video! 😀 I appreciate it!!!


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