My June Lively & MBA Update!

Hi everyone! I am sharing my lively month and an update of my MBA for you today! And most exciting? I have SO MUCH to share with you!


Active Life

So first up is my walks this month! Earlier this month I took a walk through Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. I was waiting for my train home and walked around the area to enjoy the morning. I also went on a walk at the local beach on Lake Michigan which was really nice but I would have liked to have a water bottle with me.


Next is Six Flags! I spent a day at Six Flags Great America this past weekend. It wasn’t nice enough to go to the water park because of the crazy weather we’re getting but it was nice to walk around the park and enjoy some coasters! We also caught the musical of the season, which was a rock magic show in the theatre behind me in the photo. It was a good time! Also, I should explain that I always include it in my lively post because I feel like it’s such a workout walking around or swimming at the park all day!


And finally I started my ballet class! It’s with the same teacher as last year and I’m the only one from last year’s class back again. But this year we have a class of 12, which is huge compared to 5 last year. Apparently people were actually being told that it was sold out which is crazy for an adult ballet class. My class is through a community center in a neighboring town so it’s not too expensive which I love. The class is mostly made up of moms of other dancers at the community center which is nice because they’re kinda familiar with the steps but annoying because their kids watch outside. We can’t see them because of the tinted glass but they can see us. Luckily for me I think they’re just judging their respective parents (I hope). One girl walked in and promptly told her mom how terrible she’d done everything. Everyone laughed as if it was funny but I thought she sounded like a brat. Another girl said “not bad” so she’s my fave. There’s also two older women and two teens. I think I’m the only 20-something in the class but we were all already having a blast. I probably won’t make my class this week because it’s the day of the company outing and I had plans with some friends after already. But after that I intend to make it to every class!


So I still haven’t gotten my guitar fixed, and I’m not really practicing until I do to make sure I learn right. But it sucks because I feel like I was really getting good at my beginning items too. Hopefully I can make some time to go soon so I can get back to it!

In terms of museums, I visited two this month! First was the Museum of Science and Industry which I did a post about. I really loved it! The second museum was the Chicago Cultural Center which is a small free museum in downtown Chicago that always has a great amount of contemporary art. Most of the exhibits I’d seen before but there was a new area in a hallway about blues music in Chicago as well as paintings by Alexis Rockman which depict the Great Lakes and compares how they look as pristine pieces of nature and after they’ve been polluted by human activity. It was a great exhibit to explore.

MBA Update

Okay, now for the promised MBA Update! So this month I started my summer class, Negotiations, and am halfway through it. Early this month I had class on Friday night which introduced us to the course and materials. The entire week after that was spend trying to desperately finish the homework. We had to do four papers and read a 200 page book along with almost 150 pages of the textbook. It was a huge amount of work so I didn’t blog at all that week. In fact, I barely finished in that week anyway. Then we had class both Saturday and Sunday of the following weekend, during which we handed everything in. It was worth it though. I logged into Blackboard, the online classroom tool we use, and I have a 96% in the class! This is actually above the average as the rest of the class is in the 75%-95% range according to the message on the site (which literally said I was a “rockstar” and had an above average grade!).

So next we have a few weeks off to do more reading and papers as well as our final project. I really haven’t started anything yet so I’m getting antsy about it. I’ll likely start the readings and research after work this week and try to get as much done before the fourth of July holiday as possible.

And that’s my update for the month for my activity, hobbies, and my MBA journey. Let me know what you’ve been doing lately. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. That Barre bag is super cute!! Such a fun hobby too, glad that you are enjoying it. I was at the mall and heard a kid to tell his mom that, “He just wanted here to shut up.’ I was stunned! Kids these days, honestly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So fun that you you’ve gotten back into ballet! That little girl totally sounds like a brat to me, too. Lol. You had so much schoolwork, Pamela, wow! You definitely ARE a rockstar! Congrats on the 96%!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’ve had such a busy month!! Glad you’ve started your ballet class and there are lots of people who’ve joined it. To be fair, that kid’s comment about her mum sounds quite bratty to me as well xx

    Liked by 1 person

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