My June Books & Entertainment!

Hi everyone! Time to wrap up the month in terms of what I’ve been reading, watching, and listening to! I am so confused as to where the month went, since it feel like I was just wrapping up my May books and entertainment! But here we are so let’s get into it shall we?



Well, again, book. I just read one this month bringing my 2018 total to 7. I did change my Goodreads goal to 20 total as I’m not doing so well and so far I’m 2 books behind schedule. Hopefully I can catch up soon!

Getting to Yes: Negotiation Agreement Without Giving In by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton

4 out of 5 stars


I read Getting to Yes for my summer class and it was very interesting although it started out slow. I would never have picked this up on my own and so I’m glad I had to read it as it did have good tips. Mostly it said think of your reputation and your relationships while negotiation as well as prepare for a negotiation before going into the room. I did like that it was short, yet informative.

I did give it four out of 5 stars because it was a great overview of how to be a good negotiator. Normally I would try to get rid of my school books if I don’t need them but I think that this one I’ll keep.


So this month was the premier of Google Podcasts! About time we finally got a podcasts app! As for the actual podcasts I’ve been listing to it’s been the usual. Up First from NPR, How I Built This also NPR, and Pod Save America. I recently found a blog post with a bunch of podcasts that sounded really interesting so I can’t wait to give those a listen!

TV Shows

Per usual, I haven’t seen many shows this month but I did finish season one and am almost halfway through of season two of One Day at a Time on Netflix. I love that show! It’s quite hilarious and I love all the characters. It’s also super relatable as even though they’re Cuban and my family is Mexican. There’s so many similarities. Funny story, I got through most of season one a few months ago and when I started watching it again it started on season two, without finishing season one! I only figured it out because the daughter’s quince and coming out was a huge ordeal in season one but when I was watching the episodes they kept referencing Elena’s quince as if it had already happened. Also the son really hit a growth spurt and looked so much more grown up in later episodes. So I did go back and finished season one before continuing season two.



This month I watched Coco again! Normally over dinner my parents put on the news and we watch that. However, there have been terrible storms around me lately and so the satellite loses signal sometimes. When that happens we put on Netflix so that’s how we ended up watching Coco! I still really love that movie and can’t get tired of it. In fact, two of my coworkers have a music challenge every day at work and the last time that I was judging (basically they each pick a song and then they select someone to judge from the team which song is better) I got a song from Coco which obviously won!

Mobile Games


I mean, this is just a Hogwarts Mystery game update now. Ava Samwise Quagmire finally made it to her fourth year! She finally made it to Hosgmead, Ravenclaw won the house cup for the 4th year in a row, and she’s doing really well in school. Oh, Ava totally trolled Rita Skeeter. She has a lot of friends too, Barnaby and Tulip have joined her group and now her friendship with Rowan is at max level 10. Everyone else ranges from 2-6 so I definitely need to keep working on the rest of them.

Oh, and her wardrobe is so much better now too! So I had finally splurged and bought a skirt for 200 pink crystals and then the app update went out with the weekend challenges that provide clothing as rewards. But now she has a snazzy Ravenclaw themed pj’s as well as a nice skirt and jacket combo. I think they are just over weekends (Friday-Monday) and if I’m pretty diligent about doing the 1 hour classes every time my energy is full I can get the outfit by the end of Sunday morning (with some leeway on the energy full deadline as that’s about once ever two hours and I get busy).

So long story short, I’m still playing this game every day. I’m used to the long waiting periods now. It’s still annoying, especially on weekends when I’m not so busy and want to keep playing through the story but overall it’s nice because I’m not spending crazy amounts of time on it. Well I guess overall I am but I mean on one sitting.



I have been listening to a lot of Charli XCX, Cardi B, and Biggie Smalls this month. In addition to Camila Cabello and Taylor Swift of course! Ever since the TSwift concert I’ve had a blast listening to Charli XCX. They’re super fun and I love their music!


The first video I enjoyed this month that I want to shout out was Lily Pebbles’ “How I Work with Brands” video. I’m a pretty small blogger overall and so I don’t often get brands reaching out and the only times I’ve gotten anything so far is from Influenster but it was still really insightful.

I really enjoyed all the videos on E3. I actually ended up watching a good amount of it live through Periscope or YouTube. I’m super excited to see playthroughs of the new games when they are released as I don’t have the newer consoles to play them on myself.

My favorite playlist this month was from BuzzFeedVideo. They had a playlist of about 5 videos called “Puppy Prep” where there were puppies in training to be service dogs. It was so cute because of the puppies but great because the behavior and training sessions were actually explained. It was very helpful in learning how intense the training and graduation process is as well as seeing the puppies in action. I recommend!

So that’s my June Books and Entertainment post! Let me know what you’ve been loving this month, I’m curious to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I’ve never heard of the show One Day at a Time! I’ll give it a looksie. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Coco! We watched it this month for the first time, so freaking cute! โ™ก
    & I can’t believe how far you are in the HP game! I honestly haven’t played since the first week it came out but I need to get back to it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am so obsessed with Coco! I watch it both in English and Spanish hahahaha. Either way it’s so cute!
      I’ve literally played every day on the HP app and it’s soooooo much time but so fun too! Once I got over the wait thing it was fun anyway hahahahaha.

      Liked by 1 person

    • It’s so fun! I mean I feel like second year is pretty far considering how limiting the wait times are. I’ve literally been playing as much as possible so that’s how I am so far already but I’m almost caught up with how much has been released so far. If there’s not an update probably within a week I’ll probably be caught up and then take some time off the app!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow you are doing so well on the Harry Potter game!! I need to check out that Lily Pebbles video I’ve been meaning to check out her channel for a while and I think that video will be a good place to start xx

    Liked by 1 person

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