My June Simple Loose Leaf Tea Box!

HI everyone! So today I’m sharing my June Simple Loose Leaf Tea Box with you!

I first found this box through Shannon from Kittyp0p, who has gotten this box a few times I believe.


As I said, this box comes from Simple Loose Leaf Tea, which sells the box but also the teas separately so if you don’t want the subscription or you find a tea you absolutely love and need more of, you can buy it! For the subscriptions, there is a “classic” box and a decaf box that you can pick from. The website does say that there are 48 teas so eventually I assume you get to try them all. (Although decaf I further assume limits your options.) You don’t get to customize anything in the box beyond the classic or decaf selection but the FAQ section does say they want to add a black tea box and a green tea box specifically at some point in the future.

I picked the classic box. Each month you get four 10g samples of tea with reusable bags to put the tea in. You get a black tea, a herbal tea, a green tea, and then I suppose the last one is a random other tea. The classic box has both caffeinated and decaf teas.

I haven’t tried any of them yet, so I can’t say if I like them or not but I assume if I do really like one they’ll appear in my favorites. Maybe I’ll give an update in next month’s box! It looks like all the teas recommend 2 grams of tea per cup, and the packets are 10 grams so that seems like quite a bit of tea!

Okay, onto the teas!


The first one I pulled out was the Blood Orange Herbal Tea. The package says it contains rooibos, orange peel, hibiscus, rosehips, and more. I think this is the tea I’m the most excited for because I love drinks with blood orange. (I’m a vampire. Roar.) This tea also says it originates in South Africa and does not have caffeine.

The next tea is the QuiLan Oolong Tea. The ingredients just say QiLan Oolong Tea so I guess if you don’t know what’s in that (like me) you’re out of luck? It does originate in China and has standard caffeine levels. I think this is my “random” category tea.

The third tea is the Blue Lady Grey Tea. This is a black tea with blue mellow blossoms, lavender flowers, and bergamot flavor. I think I’ll like this one. The tea originates in China as well so that seems to be the hot place for tea this month. It also has standard caffeine levels.

The last tea is the Genmaicha Tea. This is a green tea that includes popped corn and toasted rice kernels. I think I’m the most nervous about this one just because of the weird ingredients but there’s potential. The tea originates from China and also has standard caffeine levels.


So that’s my box! Let me know which of these teas you think is the best sounding one. I can’t decide which one I want to try first!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Mmm I love all teas but the blood orange one is the prettiest. 😉 Also, that kinda sucks that there are only 48 different kinds?! They should also include from other brands & stuff so they don’t ever run out of items to give you!

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    • Hehe I agree! And I’m guessing maybe people probably don’t stick around that long to try all of them so maybe that’s why they only have 48 kinds? I’m sure a long time subscriber would get annoyed at that eventually though!

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  2. Yay! So glad you decided to try this subscription (: I haven’t got that oolong yet, but I hope I get it soon. The genmaicha is VERY unique haha but I liked it cause I’m a huge green tea fan. Enjoy!

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