My May Life! #BirthMay Day 31

Hi everyone! Welcome to my May life recap AND the last day of #BIRTHMAY! While I’m sad not to be blogging every day I’m also happy because I actually did blog every day in May! Although I’m thinking that maybe this will be last daily blogging until next BirthMay.


So onto my monthly recap!

First up is Six Flags! I already talked a lot about this in my Lively post but I like to keep track of how many times I went to the park as I can make sure I’m getting my money’s worth for the season pass! Well, it does pay off in about two visits but the food takes longer, even if it is so expensive per meal. I went twice this month, once to the rides and another to the water park. One of my coworkers started telling me about how her daughter went and spent $20 just on food and then another started telling me about how her daughter is going to go with her friends and asked for her mom’s credit card because her friend so and so is getting her mom’s credit card. I’m so glad I don’t have kids. They sound expensive and I’m not about that life.

Anyway, it was fun and I had a great time both times!

Then is my newfound appreciation for the #patiolife. My office just got a cafe area (and fitness center), but the highlight is the patio. The couch is sooooo comfy! We’ve started to have meetings out there and each lunch on the patio whenever possible. I also have decided to take advantage of the patio we have at home. My dad seems to be so happy about this because in his words he “spent so much money and labor on building the patio that it should be enjoyed” and so therefore now I live on the patio. JK I still have my bedroom but put a mosquito net out there and get me a patio couch and I’ll totally move out there.


Next is MY BIRTHDAY! I did turn the ripe old age of 27 this month. I thought I had photos of the decoration that my coworkers did but I can’t seem to find them! Maybe I just snapchatted it and forgot to save it? Which is weird because normally I take the picture and then forget to snapchat it… But here’s a photo of my cake! I shared it with my sister (who’s birthday is near mine) and my mom for mother’s day so it was extra special.


And then last is the end of the semester! I still have one more of the “core” classes to take although I’m substituting the usual capstone course as I took that one in undergrad. But I did complete 5 courses and 10 are required for graduation so I’m celebrating being halfway there! After my summer class I’ll celebrate finishing the core classes though, don’t worry.

So that was my May highlights! Later today I’m going to post a compilation of all the BirthMay posts in case you missed any so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Happy Birthday Pamela! I’m so sorry I only tuned in to your birthmay blogging series the last day, but I guess it was the most important one, right? Well it sure sounds like you had a good birthday and I am so impressed that you managed to blog every single day, like seriously, so much respect for you! Cause I’ve been kinda lacking the groove to write, but it’ll be back I’m sure. Either way, great post, have a great June as well!
    love, elena

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    • Thanks Elena!! Haha I recommend daily blogging at least once a year so you can appreciate the amount of time not spent writing afterwards ๐Ÿ˜‚ at least I’ll keep telling myself that! Glad you’re back to blogging and I can wait to see what you write!

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