My Lively May! #BirthMay Day 29

Hi everyone! We’re nearing the end of BirthMay with a look at all my hobbies this month. I did do a separate MBA Update this month as well as a look back through the year of my MBA Journey so be sure to check out those posts if you missed them!

Of course, it’s not including my entertainment related hobbies which are in yesterday’s post.


It’s been a really fun BirthMay, I have to say. Although I feel like we’ve almost skipped spring and went straight onto summer again. Ah well. It’s still really nice to be able to spend time outside. In fact, I’m writing this post outside from my patio.

This is the life. The only thing missing is a pool or lazy river in the backyard. Not going to lie I just was looking up kiddie pools because my coworker set up a tiny one for her and her kids and they were having a blast. There was even a floatie involved. The tiny baby ones with a sun shield are sold out but there’s also a watermelon one or a pirate one and I’m going back and forth between the two.

Okay onto the hobbies!

First up, I’m still teaching myself guitar. I try to get in at least an hour a week. Starting quite small I know. I have learned maybe half of the C scale and can play a few songs. The issue I have right now is that the bottom string isn’t able to be tuned correctly and while I’ve found an alternative way to play the note I need, I really need to get it fixed so I can play it properly and learn correctly. I also haven’t tried learning any chords with it either because of that. They just don’t sound right! Basically the last string can only be tuned as high as a B, which is what the second to last string is tuned to, so there’s no point in having two strings tuned to B when I need a high E. For now if I use the third fret I can get an E but then I’m not learning it right. I’m hoping to do that soon. But I can play beginner songs from one of my guitar books! (My favorite is When The Saints Come Marching In.)

Next, is that the landscape season has officially started! Okay, so it started weeks ago without me because I had school to keep me busy. This month I was able to go with my dad twice this month so it’s been great! I have summer classes coming up now so I doubt I’ll have much more time to continue to go help out but it’s been fun so far!


Last, is Six Flags! My mom and I went to Six Flags Great America twice this month. We live close to it as it’s a few towns away and have season passes, so it’s a great go-to spot. This year I’m super excited because they’re going to have Last Call again after Fright Fest which is when they keep the park open in November and have beer carts, kind of like food trucks. This means everyone in the park is busy drinking and there are no lines! They are also adding Holiday in the Park where they have LED light displays for the holidays, which my mom and I were actually wishing they would do at the end of last year. Oh, there’s also a new loop “coaster” called Mardi Gras Hangover which looks like a carnival ride that I would hate. I haven’t been on it yet because it just opened and although the line was super short I had just had dinner and wanted to not lose it.

So the first visit of the year was at the beginning of the month where we went to a few rides and then stumbled across a cheer and dance competition. We could see the kids on the teams everywhere but I didn’t see any competitions. Turns out they were in “secret” locations! Okay, so maybe not secret but they were more hidden or removed from the park, probably so they wouldn’t distract people at the park not there to watch the kiddos. The cheer competition involved a walk through the Hurricane Harbor area which wasn’t open yet at the time and then out to the parking lot where it was fenced in. The dance competition was through a walkway by a water ride in the actual park and at a stage I had no idea existed! The dance competition was more fun to watch as I felt the cheer routines were kind of boring. But the dancers mostly just either rolled around on the floor and moved their arms in giant windmill circles so I feel like I could have entered and won first place probably. I’ve got mad windmill arm skills.

The second visit was over the past weekend when my mom and I went to Hurricane Harbor, the water park area of Six Flags. It’s been in the 90s (Fahrenheit) here so everyone and their mothers and their mothers were there but it was still really fun! My mom usually just stays at the beach chair that we grab and doesn’t really like getting wet so I went around the lazy river a few times, went into the wave pool, and then went into the kiddie pool when both of those were closed for awhile there (they have to let the water filter out and do safety checks or something) so I had fun. I didn’t put enough sunscreen on my back somehow as it’s a little bit red but everywhere else I had maybe three different layers of sunscreen so luckily I didn’t really burn. Gotta be more careful next time!

So that’s my hobbies for the month! Let me know what you’ve been up to lately. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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