My Handbags Collection! #BirthMay Day 24

Hi everyone! I’ve meant to write this post for at almost two years. My handbags collection! Seriously, I had this draft since 2016.


Shoutout to Cheila and Angela who used to do collection posts with me and I think they already did their handbags. Probably two years ago.

You might be wondering, “why is that American saying ‘handbag’? I thought they said ‘purses’ all the time” then let me explain. I used to work in a department store and the regional manager hated the word “purses” and insisted that we could only call them “handbags”. It just sort of stuck after that!

Much like my previous collections (dresses, perfume, mugs, jewelry, video games, shoes, Christmas mugs), I have an excessive amount of items. And plus, handbags is like my thing. I love handbags! They’re literally my favorite thing to get. So prepare yourselves.



So the top left wallet is a dark grey Charming Charlie wallet that matches a bag I’ll show later. I do like the wallet although I don’t use it that much anymore, just when I use the matching bag.

The top right wallet is also from Charming Charlie, it is maroon with an off-white front pocket. I don’t use this much anymore so I am putting it in a giant box I have going right now full of stuff I no longer want to keep. I am thinking of putting it up on Poshmark to try to sell it along with a few other things that I might be able to make money on.

Now onto the middle row. On the left I have a small black wallet with star cut outs from Claire’s. It’s obviously very cheap and it is small so I don’t often use it, but I really love it (I love stars, hence my blog name) so I’m not sure if I can get rid of it. Someone convince me to get rid of it!

The middle wallet is my all time favorite wallet. It’s a rose gold Michael Kors wallet that matches one of my bags. There’s no way I can get rid of it! It was also among the first designer items I purchased myself a few years ago so it’s super special.

Middle right is an off-white Steve Madden wallet that came with a bag I’ll show later. I really love this one as I use it when I go to Six Flags and don’t want a bulky wallet or when I travel.

The bottom left wallet is a white, pink, and yellow Guess wallet. I do like it a lot, but I don’t ever use it anymore. I think I put it in the box as well, but I’ll have to double check later as I probably won’t use it.

Lastly is a hot pink Coach wallet that I have used maybe once or twice. It’s like my very special occasions wallet but I want to start using this more so maybe I’ll switch out my MK wallet for a bit!

So overall I’m getting rid of two of seven wallets. Not off to the best start but maybe it gets better from here?

Small Cross Body Bags & Clutch


The top left bag is a maroon cross body with a gold chain from Target. I got it a few years ago and I really like it although I rarely use small bags. I think I’ll keep it another year and if I still don’t use it much I’ll get rid of it.

The top right is a grey, pink, and navy faux leather bag. I don’t remember where I bought it but I think Target or Marshalls. I really love it as well and I do use it occasionally but not often. Like the maroon bag, I will keep it and try to use it more.

In the bottom left is an off-white and floral Rachel Pally reversable clutch. I got this bag from my Spring FabFitFun box. I don’t have any other clutch bags so I am going to keep it in case I ever need one!

Lastly is a teal cross body bag from Charming Charlie. I have used this before but it’s just really bulky for a cross body bag. It has like three compartments and so I thought I would like it but I really don’t think it’s super practical since it actually makes it harder to find stuff in all those compartments. Jury’s out on this one.

Four out of four in this picture have been kept so we’re still not doing too well.


Top bag is a red cross body but I don’t remember the brand. I believe I bought it at the department store where I worked as I really wanted a red cross body at the time. I put this one in the box since I don’t ever use it anymore.

Bottom left is a black Guess bag. I use this one allllll the time so I’m keeping it!

And bottom right is a pink faux leather Charming Charlie bag. I do still like it but it’s not a great quality bag and it’s not really the style I’m going for so I put this in the box but I might just donate it rather than try to sell it as it’s not in the best condition.

So only one of three was kept! Woohoo!

Laptop Bags


The top bag is a red bag that I got from a store in Europe when I studied abroad in Spain. I don’t use it anymore but I’m too attached now. I can’t get rid of it!

The middle bag is a black laptop bag that came with a bag I used in Spain but that bag got destroyed (pretty much). I did put this in the box as I don’t need it.

And the bottom bag is a purple Incase laptop bag that I use all the time so I am definitely keeping it. It’s super useful and padded so my laptop feels safe!

Yay! Only keeping 1 of 3!

Tote bags


These bags I’ve acquired randomly. The top left I got at BookCon from the publisher Harlequin and it served as my bag when I took equestrian lessons awhile back. I haven’t used it since so I’m going to donate it.

Next I actually have two of the multicolor text on black fabric Epic Reads bag, another publisher. I also got this bag from BookCon. I use them both all the time, and this one is actually holding my schoolwork from last semester that I need to clear out soon.

On the bottom left I have a black bag from FIRST that I was allowed to keep from the event I attended in Houston because they had too many. I think I’ll keep it for a bit!

Next is a Mickey tote that I keep to try and use it instead of plastic bags but I always forget.

Lastly is a blue drawstring bag from Michelin that I can’t remember where I picked it up. I already put this in the box!

I’m keeping three of the five bags pictured, so not the best but not the worst!


Okay, more totes! Top left is my former school bag, a blue quilted fabric tote from Target. Ultimately I didn’t like that it wasn’t so structured and it wasn’t so strong so when I had my laptop I thought it would break. I’ve chosen to put this one in the box and may try to sell it on Poshmark as well.

The middle top bag is one my parents brought back from Mexico a few years ago when they went without me. It’s from Morelia and though I’m not likely to use it I’m keeping it.

Then the top right is a hot pink bag from Victoria’s Secret that I plan to use sometime when I go to Hurricane Harbor this summer! I might also use this on weekends when I go to school as I like to have a “car bag” full of extra clothes and stuff that I might need.

The bottom left is a beach bag I bought as I wanted my family and I to have a beach day but that hasn’t happened yet. I have used it for Six Flags though before and it’s so roomy!

And bottom right is an Estee Lauder bag that I love! I rarely use it so it won’t get dirty but it’s so cute!

So I am keeping four out of five. Hopefully the next round goes better.



I do use both of these backpacks so I’m keeping them both. The left bag is a bag I got at a thrift store and I use as my bag when I work with my dad’s landscape company. The right bag is a black faux leather backpack from Target I believe with gold details and I love it! I like to take this to Six Flags as then I’m hands free!

Duffel Bags


Top left is a blue Asics bag that I got when I joined my college cross country team. We all had the same bag. I don’t have any use for it anymore but my parents sometimes need duffels so I’ll offer it to them.

The top right is my maroon high school athletics bag. My mom decided I needed one in my senior year and bought it for me. I don’t use it but I would feel bad giving it away.

And then the bottom one is a smaller Nike duffel. I think I’ll also offer it to my parents. Otherwise this and the blue one are going in the box.

Keeping one of three here!


Top right is a Charming Charlie faux leather bag that I can only use maybe once or twice a year but it’s soooooo cute! It’s red, white, and blue with silver metal details that looks like the American flag! I love it!

Top right is a black sequin and pink Victoria’s Secret tote that I use allllll the time.

Next row is a black and white sequin bag from Charming Charlie that I use as my ballet bag when I take ballet in the summer. Oh, btw I just signed up for this year!

The next bag is a Private Party Gym Bag that says “meet me at the barre”. I love it because it’s a ballet pun! I think this might have to be my ballet bag this year. Oh, I did get this in my Fall 2017 FabFitFun box.

And the bottom bag is a bag from the makeup brand Benefit which is white and has coral straps. It looks cute but the black figures are bras and I don’t really want a bag with bras on it. Don’t get me wrong, I love bras as much as the next person but I don’t really want them on my bag. So this is in the box and may end up on Poshmark eventually.

Keeping four out of five… sigh…



Good news, all of these bags I’m getting rid of! Top left is a brown satchel like bag, I’ve had it for so long that I don’t remember where it came from and I am planning to donate it. But I don’t think the zippers work too well so I’m not sure if it might just be kinder to throw out.

The top right bag is from Marshalls or maybe TJ Maxx. I used to use it as my school bag because it has a built in laptop bag. It’s cute but I just haven’t used it because it’s quite large and I now use a different bag. I have put it in the box.

The yellow bag is from New York & Co. and while I loved it for a long time and having it as my “spring” bag, it’s old and beat up now. The handles are breaking and the faux leather is cracking and the rest of it is the victim of color transfer from jeans and such so I think this is just going to go in the trash.

Last is a light blue Nine West bag also from TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I just don’t think I’m going to use it and it’s so large that I want to get away from too large bags.


These three I’m keeping so now we’re doing a complete 180. The top left is the bag that matches the wallet I mentioned, but this one is purple. Everyone always loves this bag, and so do I so I’m keeping it forever! Even though it’s Charming Charlie everyone always thinks it’s designer since it’s so pretty.

Next is a Stella & Max bag I bought at TJ Maxx and I love that color combination with the black, navy, and white. I really love the shape and size too.

Last is the Steve Madden bag that went with the small wallet. I also got this one at TJ Maxx and I really love the soft colors on it. It’s actually looking beat up now but I still really love it.


Here’s the rose gold MK bag that matches my wallet! I absolutely adore this bag as it was the first designer purchase I made when I started working. I remember saving my in store credits that I got for opening store credit cards to use towards the purchase and then treating myself once I finally saved a few. It’s definitely my most used handbag.


Lastly I have my latest bag purchase from late last year. I found it at a Micheal Kors store near me and I immediately knew it was meant for me. I normally don’t get bags without zippers but I did make an exception for this one as it’s so small and cute. It actually does fit my laptop quite well so that’s also why I want to get rid of so many of my larger bags.

And that’s my handbag collection! Any more I should be rid of? Also, have you tried Poshmark to sell stuff or something else you’d recommend?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Oh what a fun post, Pamela! You’ve really got a ton of stuff! My favorites are that Rachel Pally clutch & the bra bag!!
    How fun that you signed up for ballet again, yay!
    I’ve never used Poshmark before but it would be interesting to know how much they end up paying you for all the stuff you sell!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks!!! Haha I am sooooo handbag obsessed. I need to stop though LOL. I don’t have the space for this obsession.
      I can’t wait for ballet to start again, it’s my favorite! And Poshmark from what I’ve seen is like etsy or ebay where you price stuff and then have to pay a certain percentage to Poshmark out of what you make. But it seems like a lot of work to do right now so I might try that later this summer!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love love love this post! Bags are something I never thought I’d be obsessed with, but I am haha I’ve been good at restraining myself as far as buying a bunch- but I’d never turn a bag down as a gift 👏🏼😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I got love struck with totes so much that I forgot to get myself some decent cross-body bags for special occasions or casual travels. This article reminded me again of my “commitment” to find myself one. Thank you for sharing your beautiful collection, Pamela!

    Liked by 1 person

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