Self Care Sunday – Social Ideas! #BirthMay Day 20

Hi everyone! Today I’m continuing the Self Care Sunday posts with some ideas you can do in a social setting.

I’ve done a few ideas at home and out of the home (those were more of individual ideas) so here’s a few more!


Actually now that I think about it I think there’s a lot of overlap from this post to last week’s post but ah well, we’re forging on ahead!

Real quick, I think I’ve forgotten to include this in a few posts but BirthMay is my daily blogging for May as it’s my birth month! Also don’t forget to leave any questions for my q&a that I have planned for tomorrow!

Okay here we go!

  1. Go on a coffee/tea date with a friend – sometimes talking things out and spending time with someone that you enjoy is a great relief! I know I always feel much better talking through things and having someone listen and give me their thoughts on stuff.
  2. Head out to the local or your favorite library – sometimes they have fun events but even if they don’t you can still have a great time and pick up something that you like or want to explore.
  3. Check out a small event in the area – sometimes it can be hard to get out and go to something big or overly exciting but maybe going to a local farmers market, plant sale, or town festival can be something more low key to lift your spirits.
  4. Invite a friend over for a spa night – or any other fun ideas to do at home. You could also do some arts and crafts or a tv marathon of Tiny House Hunters along with a glass of wine. If you don’t feel like leaving the house you don’t have to!
  5. Go shopping! – but remember to set yourself a reasonable budget. And stick to it! I’m all for a good session of retail therapy.

And that’s all I have! Like I said there’s some overlap but it’s okay!

Don’t forget to leave your questions for the Q&A tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love doing little things for myself, self-care is so important. Today all l did was treat myself to snacks and play dress upπŸ˜…

    Also, I have a question for the Q&A πŸ™Œ – How different was your life a year ago?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha hey, that sounds like fun! I totally need to do that sometime! (I mean, I tried everything in my closet on a few weekends ago trying to decide what to get rid of but it felt like work, not like dress up LOL!) And thank you so much for your question. I will answer it in my post tomorrow!!! πŸ™‚


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