App Review – Hogwarts Mystery! #BirthMay Day 14

Hi everyone! So I know I’ve talked a lot about this game, but I wanted to do a review of it! I haven’t done a review in ages so hopefully this one will be the one to get me to do more of these!


First up, about the game! Hogwarts Mystery is a mobile game set at, of course, Hogwarts! This game takes place in the 80s I believe, after Harry Potter’s parents but before Harry himself. You’re in school with the older Weasley siblings, Bill and Charlie, to give you a better sense of the timeline.

The character is able to be customized a bit so you can choose if you’re a boy or girl, name the character, and then change the appearance a bit. Not all the hairstyles or accessories are available right away unless you want to pay money for it, more on that later.


I’ve shared my character already, but here she is again! This is Ava Samwise Quagmire, second year Ravenclaw. I had another first name in mind but the game didn’t accept it so I picked Ava as it was recommended when I did the random name generator a few times trying to get ideas. Next I chose Quagmire for the last name as I’d just watched A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix and I love the Quagmire triplets. Lastly, I thought Samwise was the perfect middle name so I had to come up with a reason for why that would be her middle name. In my mind, her dad is a half-blood and huge fan of Lord of the Rings (I have only seen each movie once myself and I thought that was plenty) so he suggested the name to her mom. Her mom loved the name Sam and thought “wise” was perfect for a future Ravenclaw (her entire family has been Ravenclaw so she’s just assuming now) and is none the wiser where the name came from.

Of course, the game could give Ava, as the main character, a different back story but I like this one so far. She’s quite sassy and studious, and quite annoyed that people like Merula keep distracting her from studying. But she’s very concerned for her friends and committed to helping them while balancing her extra lessons. She’s amazing at Charms and Transfiguration so far as a second year. She’s good at Potions and Flying because she’s just naturally gifted at everything but she doesn’t care much for those.

As for the backstory, we haven’t gotten much. We only know the main character is the younger sibling of a character named Jacob who was obsessed with finding the “Cursed Vaults” during his time at Hogwarts. Eventually he was expelled as his investigations caused quite a few problems. After being expelled he ran away and disappeared so the main character is trying to find out what happened to Jacob, learn more about the Cursed Vaults, and dealing with the repercussions of this at school. Many students will bring up that it’s rumored Jacob joined Voldemort or that he was just mad. I think Ava isn’t bothered that much about what people say about Jacob but she does really want to know what happened. If it was up to me though she wouldn’t be poking around so much for the Cursed Vaults as it feels the investigation revolves a lot around that.

As I mentioned, I’m in the second year right now and I believe the third year is available right now as well. The castle can’t be fully explored yet but they do get unlocked as your progress through the story.

The game mechanics are like the Kim Kardashian game if you ever played something like that. You spend energy to do the actions required for the game. You slowly increase the max number of energy you can have and there’s 8 things you can interact with around the castle to get an energy a few times a day. Otherwise each energy takes 4 minutes to recharge. At this time I have a max of 28 energy I believe and it takes almost 2 hours to fully recharge which is annoying. You can spend pink diamonds to get a full recharge but that costs real money. And that leads me to my next point.

About the energy and money system… It sucks. If you’ve played or heard about this game I’m sure you’ve heard about this. The game can quickly become expensive if you’re paying for the diamonds to refill often to move through the game fast. I’m personally taking it slower because I do not want to pay money for the diamonds and I want to enjoy it. At the beginning when I wanted to experience the game and dive right in it was very frustrating but now I’m okay with the speed and like that the game stops me from playing too long. The game itself does state it recommends playing on wifi as it would use a lot of data if not connected. I haven’t played it off wifi so I don’t know how much it would use but I’m not that curious!

Overall it’s a fun game for Harry Potter fans although it is either a time or monetary investment. It’s not an open world game as most Harry Potter fans have dreamed of, but the other Harry Potter game is supposed to release later this year so hopefully that will let us live out the ultimate dream. I do recommend trying it out if you haven’t already as it’s a fun little story and it’s nice exploring the castle, even in a limited capacity.

Have you played Hogwarts Mystery? Let me know if you have and what house you are!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I keep being tempted by this game but when I got my new phone, I pledged to not download any games! It does look like fun though, I will never understand the idea of paying real money for pretend goods though. Who comes up with this stuff?!

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    • I tried sooooooo hard to resist the games temptation but this one I couldn’t pass up! Also I am totally app addicted now that I have so much space for them. Pixels are the best. I can’t imagine going to anything else now. And I really couldn’t tell you but clearly some people out there are paying for this stuff since it’s an option. I’m so confused as to why though! I get the initial excitement but I don’t think it’s worth my actual money! Time is already plenty!

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  2. The energy/money part sounds a lot like the sims mobile game that’s out. It was fun to play at first, but then you end up either waiting for everything to replenish or spend real-world money (which I’m NOT into). This Hogwarts game has been everywhere in my ads lately, but I’m glad I read your review before trying it out! Hope you can still enjoy it even with the energy system flaw (:

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right!!! I refuse to pay to play a game on my phone. Luckily now that the initial excitement has passed I don’t get so annoyed at the slow recharge time. I do still like it but I’m okay with taking it slower than I would like now. I’m pretty committed to Ava and her story now I think haha!

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  3. I haven’t played it for a few days now (need to change that) but basically just because I was bored waiting for more energy. Love it and I want to know more about the story but waiting all the time is just annoying xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know, it’s definitely an interesting story but I would love to be able to experience it faster. Now that the buzz has died down a bit it’s easier to wait and I feel like I’m just more used to it. But the waiting for everything does get tiresome. Still I refuse to pay actual money so I’m going to have to deal with it I suppose!

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    • Yeah! It’s by the same people as Pokemon Go so I’m guessing it’ll be a mess to start but it’s supposed to be similar to that (I think?). Last I heard it was supposed to be and it’s meant to be out sometime this fall (but don’t quote me on this haha!).

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