Tulips for Me! – #BirthMay Day 10

Hi everyone! I realllllllly love tulips so I’m going to share some photos of the ones in my garden! (And you’re going to get a bonus magnolia too. You lucky duck you.)Well not my garden as in I wasn’t the one that planted them but my garden in the sense of my dad put them in our yard and I live here so they’re mine too! Sharing is caring.


Now, I love tulips for many reasons. One, they’re my dad’s favorite so that makes them special. Two, they always bloom just in time for my birthday so it feels like nature intended them for me. (And my sister I guess who has her birthday in the same week haha. Plus the gazillion others who have their birthdays in May.)

Anyway, my birthday is in a few days (it’s on Saturday) so I’m feeling a little weird about it. I’m going to be 27 which is just an unreasonable number if you ask me. I have issues with it. I like 26. But this is how I am every year, I decide the number is just not me but I end up loving it all the same. I’ve spent a year getting attached to 26 though, and I’m having a difficult time letting go I suppose.

Oh! And that’s why the month’s posts are called BirthMay, because I was born in May!

Okay, here’s the promised tulips!






Slowly but surely they’re blooming! Every year my dad has planted them all around the house. Well, except one year when he broke his leg playing soccer after work with his friends. It took forever to fully heal so he wasn’t able to plant them that year but the year after that he was back at it and has planted them every year since.

The pink ones are at the back by the patio, the yellow ones are in the front by the driveway, and the red and purple ones are in front of the house by the porch. As you can probably tell, my dad is professional landscaper so the garden is always beautiful! It’s really his passion and he loves to be outside with his plants.

And here’s the bonus magnolias for you!



This magnolia is at my school, Elmhurst College. I love walking around campus and seeing the trees and flowers around the place. The campus is an arboretum so there’s always a lot to see. On this particular day I was early for class so I sat outside, took a few pictures, and listened to someone play the flute as the music building was right across from here and the student was practicing with the window to the practice room open.


This magnolia is at my house! By now the magnolia flowers have blown off the tree but this was earlier this week when they were starting to come out. I love this one!


And one more! I took this one on a particularly foggy morning and I really like it. Makes me feel like a real photographer! *Hair toss*

And that’s all I have for today! I took all the photos on my amazing Google Pixel 2 aka the best phone in the world and did some edits in Snapseed. I like my photos to be slightly cooler and with more contrast so that’s why!

So let me know what your favorite spring time flowers are! Or anytime flowers since I know some people are in the fall right now. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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    • So true, they aren’t so fragrant. There’s a sort of bush like plant that my dad has that produces purple flowers (or maybe white? I could be remembering wrong) and smells AMAZING! That one hasn’t bloomed yet but I’ll be sure to ask him what it is for the millionth time and get some photos haha.

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  1. My sister’s birthday is exactly one week after mine too! Did you guys have to celebrate your birthday together when you were littler? The tulips and magnolias are beautiful but that last photo is def my fave!


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