Self Care Sunday – Ideas for At Home Recharging! – #BirthMay Day 6

Hi everyone! So, as I’m sure you’re aware, May is Mental Health Month! In addition to being BirthMay (which is what I call my daily blogging during my birth month), I wanted to incorporate self care into my posts for Mental Health Month.


I am planning on offering a few ideas each Sunday of this month. They’ll be fairly simple I think, so hopefully you enjoy them. I know a lot of us have finals coming up, or just have stress in general so maybe they’ll help!

Here we go!

The first installment of Self Care Sunday (super creative, I know) is going to be ideas you can do at home.

  • Start the day with a cup of tea or coffee – this is a personal favorite of mine! I do love both tea and coffee so whatever mood I’m in I’ll just make a nice cup to enjoy when I wake up. And now I want some tea so I think I’m going to go make some when I’m done with this post. Motivation!
  • Create something – try painting the view outside your window or maybe knitting a scarf. If you don’t know how to do something you can also look up videos or how-to instructions online and find one that you want to follow along with.
  • Read a book or listen to a podcast – I like to try and read first thing in the morning on weekends as I know I won’t get to it if I don’t do it right away. In fact, that’s what I did this morning! During the week I listen to a podcast (usually Up First by NPR with daily news) while getting ready but I’ll listen to something else (like Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me by NPR which is like a weekly news game) to relax that’s more comedy based at other times.
  • Take a bath – this one is quite popular with bath bombs and such. I don’t do this one as often as I’d like but it’s really nice to sit and relax. You can even bring a book or a tablet to watch stuff as well but only you know how clumsy you are so use your best judgement with this last bit of advice!
  • Turn it into a spa night at home – pull out the face masks and fuzzy robes! It’s time to transform your space into a relaxing and rejuvenating spot.
  • Organize/clean – I don’t know about you but normally during the week my room turns into a disaster as I rush around. Take some time over the weekend or end of the day to clear away a bit of the stuff that’s accumulated and not in their spots. It helps me clear my mind and I feel so much better when there’s no mess on my desk or vanity.
  • Watch your favorite movie or tv show episodes – sometimes it’s nice to enjoy something that you already know you love. Especially if you grab your favorite snack and drink of choice to go with it!

And there you go! A few ideas to get you started. Let me know if I missed your favorite one or what you like to do to relax and recharge at home.

Thanks for reading!


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