Actual Life Goals 2018! – #BirthMay Day 5

Hi everyone! So last year during #BirthMay I did my Actual Life Goals and I wanted to update it for 2018! I had done my original Actual Life Goals post in response to my Improbable Goals which isn’t too different this year. I’ll include a bit on it later on though.


So far I’m happy to say that BirthMay is going well! I realize I’ve forgotten to introduce it in every post so if you don’t know, BirthMay is what I call my daily blogging activities in the month of May because my birthday is May 12th. I don’t think I did quite as good a job this year of hyping it up because I wasn’t sure I could do it because of school and finals and such but I’m dedicated to it so I’m going to give it my all!

So first I’m going to copy and paste my original goals below and we can go through those! I will say that it might be best to go through the 2017 post as they might make more sense that way!

Here we go!

Original Goals

Get an MBA

This time last year I hadn’t applied to graduate school and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to in time to start in the fall. I’m happy to say I totally did and now I’m one year away from graduating! If I can pass my finals next week and the week after that is… Wish me luck!

Publish a book

I haven’t published anything yet although I think I have a winning idea that I’m committed to writing and sharing with the world. Why this idea? Well because many of my favorite authors say write what you want to read and I would absolutely LOVE to read this story! (If you’ve followed me for a bit you’ll remember I mentioned my dystopian Chicago story, it’s that one!) I think I’m going to start it this summer before and after my summer classes. If not, definitely in January when I have the month off school and in the spring after my class in the first 8 weeks of the term.

Start my own company

I keep joking I’m going to start a SomethingCon at work. So I work in event planning and with a few events that end in “fest” or “con” or “marathon”. You get the picture. Anyway, I keep saying I’m going to do a Con. I thought of PamCon for awhile but it’s a limited target market… I did want to try a subscription box for awhile but I think the market is way too crowded and many articles I’ve read indicate subscriptions may be on their way out. But some people still subscribe to physical newspapers so what do they know? I do still intend to start my own business someday!

Make music

Well I started to try to learn guitar on my own. I fell out of my once weekly practice schedule when I went to Houston but have been itching to pick up my guitar again. I just need my sister to come home so she can tune it for me!

Run the Disney Princess Half Marathon

I haven’t been running lately so this isn’t happening this year but I do want to do this one! It just seems so fun and I could totally do 13.1 miles someday. It can’t be that bad.

Learn a third language

I did get pretty far on Duolingo last year with French but ultimately fell out of daily practice with this one. I think I do want to recommit to French and maybe coding which is the language of computers after all.

Own my own horse & compete in a horse show

I think this one will be removed for next year. I haven’t gone back to riding because of my schedule and I’m not too interested in competing. However when my parents and I move south someday I’ll totally get a horse.

Give a TED Talk

I still don’t know exactly what my topic would be, but I want to do it!

Win a prestigious prize like a Pulitzer or Nobel

I still think this is possible. I know people say don’t chase the awards or prizes but it’s nice to dream.

Become an advocate for a good cause

I’m going to leave in the original paragraph because it still applies.

It’d likely be education or women’s rights. I could also see myself fighting for civil rights as a whole as well. My parents came from Mexico to the USA so I also believe in immigrant rights and since that makes me Hispanic then I’m also a member of a racial minority. There’s a lot I would have to work for! I’d likely also use my writing for this as well but I’ve always been interested in politics so maybe someday I’ll run for office? Channeling Leslie Knope here.

Run for political office & win!

So my parents never wanted me to be a politician but when I mentioned recently I still would love to work in politics my dad YELLED that he’d vote for me. My mom was more restrained with her emotions but said she would too. Two votes for me! Maybe I should look further into it! #LeslieKnopeLife

Design fashion, make up, and/or home items

I’m leaning way towards the home items right now.

Find my passion

The original paragraph still applies so I’m leaving it in!

This was the cool thing to do in college, but I never found mine. At least not yet. I don’t think I’ve put enough effort into this one, so that may be why. I do really well when I set goals and work towards them so I know once I find it, I’ll be able to get anything done. 🙂

New Actual Life Goals

Move to a new place

I’ve lived in Illinois all my life (except for the four and a half months that I lived in Spain while studying abroad), so I think it’s time to try something new. My parents were saying Arizona might be nice, I like the sound of Texas, but we ultimately said a beach in Mexico would be the dream. I’ve also always wanted to live in Washington DC and I kind of still want to make that happen.

Travel more

My boss recently reminded me of how much I want to travel so I’ve decided to scale back my other hobbies that take up a lot of money so I can save to travel. I’ve also found a few travel buddies so I’m hoping to make that happen!

Move out

I love living at home, I really do, but I feel like the time is coming for my own space. While I do hope to live near my parents forever, they are looking to continue their suburban life but I’m itching for the city. I’m very close to them though so the thought of not living close (like within an hour or hour and a half) is kind of weird. We depend so much on each other! But as long as I’m in school I’m not moving out haha! And maybe while I pay down my loans for a bit after…

Improbable Life Goals Update

So overall they’re the same, only one has changed from Improbable to Maybe.

Get a tattoo

That’s right, I’m moving this to maybe! I have a few ideas that I’ve loved for a few years now and still want. While I’m not prioritizing this I think it could happen someday! I’m thinking arrows (like ones you’d think of when you think archery) would be nice on my forearm near my elbow. And either a chapter art from the Harry Potter novels (I’d have to reread the series to pinpoint which one exactly because I want to consider them all) or if none of those convince me I’ve seen people do the three stars that are on the pages so I’d like to do that. Subtle but there. I’d also love something from Disney which I’ve never been able to decide but I think I’d like to do a little three items series with a rose for Beauty and the Beast, a marigold flower for Coco, and I can’t decide what the third item might be. Maybe Mickey ears in the middle? Or maybe I should do that flower that Lilo gets in her hair from Lilo and Stitch to keep the flower theme. I also have no idea where that would go.

And there you go! That’s my Actual Life Goals at this point in my life! Let me know if we share any goals or what one of yours is. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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    • I hope so too! I keep telling people since I don’t wear rings that I expect an engagement pony someday (not expecting to get engaged soon since I have no boyfriend but someday lols). And a cow would be soooo cool! I hope you get one!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I did download duolingo onto my phone (I’ve had it for five months but I hadn’t downloaded it yet!) so I’m going to try to pick it back up. And thanks! I don’t know if I actually will since I’ve heard tattoos can be expensive although mine would be small and hopefully simple. Maybe someday though!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Best of luck on passing those finals next week! (I know you will!) & oh my gosh, I def would buy your book. Sounds like an amazing idea, Pamela! 13.1 miles sounds excruciating but it’s Disney princess themed?! Also, I’ll vote for you if you run for president!!! 😄 or whatever you decide to go for haha. If you wanna really do that, you should move to DC but wow, does a beach in Mexico sound lovely!
    All of your tattoo ideas sounds great! Keep us on updated on if you do decide to get one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwwww thank you! Word is refusing to work right now so I’ve come to answer some comments I’ve been neglecting but I really need it to focus and work soon so I can finish final #1 and work on final #2.
      I would 100% sign the book for you too 😀 That’s so sweet that you would want it!
      Yes, it’s Disney Princess themed and they have characters out so you can stop and take pictures with them. Wanna join me??? 😀
      Hehe, three votes! I’m totally going to win.
      Yeah #beachlife sounds like #goals but DC just seems to be calling me haha. I think DC is going to win.
      I will keep you updated, now the flowers have turned into a bouquet so I’m thinking I might need to scale back or I’ll end up with flowers all over LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh no! Hope you got Word to work for ya!!
        And YES!! A signed copy?! Woo hoo!!
        And ahhh… no thank you, I would probably die in a marathon but can’t wait to see your pictures haha. ;D

        Liked by 1 person

      • I did eventually! It also saved my unsaved work so yay!
        Hahahaha it’s only half a marathon! So only 13.1 miles! But fair enough, I’ll be sure to share pictures when I do it someday LOL.


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