My Houston OOTDs! – #BirthMay Day 3

Hi everyone! Who’s excited for today’s OOTD post? Today’ I’m sharing the outfits I wore while in Houston last month. I thought it would be fun to share the outfits I wore and I’m proud to say I packed for an entire week in one carry on suitcase! I’m pretty much a travel packing pro.


Literally. All the guys that traveled the same day as me had giant checked bags with them for some reason.

I don’t do checked luggage because who needs that much?? I don’t get why you’d want to have that much with you. Okay, I’ll stop judging checked bag people and carry on with the outfits.


Sunday was a travel day and there was some set up involved. This is the one day that I didn’t get a proper photo of either outfits I wore… but here’s a partial!


This is what I wore on the plane, my burgundy sweater from Target’s new line, A New Day. I love this so much I have it in black too.



I don’t like to stay in plane clothes for very long so I then changed into a workout top that’s black/white/grey and hard to describe haha.



For some reason I didn’t get a photo of this outfit either! I wore a black top from Target with jeans and sneakers. We were still setting up this day so I had to be comfy but still look presentable in case I saw my client, which I did!



On Tuesday we were open! We headed down early, my manager for the onsite team helped train the temps from Houston that were helping us work the event. Things got kind of crazy with my job from the office so I had to hop on my laptop most of the day but the work got done. It was so stressful though. But I wore a light purple (although it looks really dark in the photo) top from Loft, black dress pants (also from Loft) and some black and white flats that are Dr. Scholls. They are comfy on the bottom but flats and my feet don’t get along well so they really hurt and this was the only day I wore flats before I gave up and went back to my sneakers which you’ll see in the rest of the photos.



There’s the sneakers! They’re mostly black with some pink and white at the bottom. They were quite comfortable and I’m so happy we were allowed to wear them. The rest of me was far too dressed up for them though. I wore grey dress pants from Target’s new line as well (I’m obsessed), a white top with flowers from Loft, and a grey cardigan that I think I bought at either TJ Maxx or Target awhile ago.



Thursday I wore the same sneakers, my black dress pants that are entirely too short for this type of shoe, a hot pink shirt that I found in TJ Maxx right before this trip, and my badge! I got a ton of compliments from this shirt and multiple people kept coming up to me as they thought I stood out against the blue background and temps in black. Gotta remember to pack ALL hot pink for next year!



Same shoes, black pants, per usual. I also had a blue top with flowers from Loft and the grey cardigan from the other day. This is how you travel light, you bring basic items that you can use multiple times!



Same shoes, the grey pants made another appearance, and my badge! You can see the Canada ribbon on it a bit that I got from one of the Canadian mentors that I know from last year. I also had another bright pink top! My project manager for a past event I had once saw me in this top in the office, came running up to me, ignored everything I said, and almost yelled that THIS was my color and I should ONLY wear this color forever. I do look good in this color so she’s totally right.



And then Sunday we were up bright and early to get to the airport for the flight home. I had a dusty pink Victoria’s Secret sweater that I love, black leggings that I got from my company (they even have the logo on them!), and the sneakers. I actually had another pair of shoes that I bought specifically for this trip but they weren’t going to be as comfortable so I didn’t wear them and actually returned them earlier this week.

And that’s my outfits for the week! It was so fun to be in Houston and I do hope I get to see the city when I’m not working as well. Let me know which outfit was your favorite (minus the shoes haha)!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I just bought a pair of pants from A New Day and thought that they were going to look ridiculous but I love them. Super cute sweatshirt, I am going to have to check out my local Target to see what else they have! Also, totally agree – who needs checked bags!?

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