My Lively April & MBA Update!

Hi everyone! So this post is going to be much more MBA focused than lively but hey, everyone seems to love that more anyway! (Myself included!)

So while my physical health is lagging I’m happy to say that my education is not! So you win some and lose some I suppose.



Overall I did have a strenuous month, with my onsite trip to Houston. So while I didn’t work out necessarily I did do quite a bit of walking through the convention center and help set up/tear down the registration area.

I also managed to get a few hours by the pool in! There was a Texas shaped lazy river on the roof of my hotel so I hung out in there for a bit and in the hot tub. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to it again because 1) the weather was kind of chilly and 2) the kids checked in the next day and were quite intent on turning it into a roaring rapids. But I’m sure I did burn a few calories as it’s a fun concept but all the turns don’t make for a really lazy lazy river.


Fastest way to tour all of Texas for sure!

MBA Update

Yes, I know this is why you’re really here! At least based on the lovely comments I get!

And I’m glad, because I love talking about my MBA journey and was worried I was boring you so keep those kind comments coming (even though I fall behind in responding… sorry!).

So this month was a whirlwind for me so I’m having trouble remembering exactly what happened when. So I think I left off talking about the midterms. Those were due after spring break and guest what? I got A’s on both! Perfect score in marketing, two points away from perfect in finance. For the homework assignments this month I’ve also have been doing very well so I’m hopeful this trend will continue into finals weeks. (Yes, two weeks next month. Yay.)

I really want to graduate with good grades so I’m putting a lot of effort into my papers and assignments. Much to the slight annoyance of my peers I get nervous to see my grades because to them it’s so obvious that I’m doing well but I’m putting so much effort and still doubt my answers sometimes. Perhaps that’s just a confidence thing too. Should I work on that?

Anyway, about my peers. For the most part, I still think they’re a good bunch even if they annoy me. One of my peers who sits next to me (my midterm buddy) is super helpful and supportive and I love that she’s in my class. She started a semester after me so I’m thinking I’m passing on one of my textbooks from last fall and maybe some notes to her. It’s a school written text book that cost like $150 so if I can spare someone else from having to shell out that ridiculous amount I totally will. (And the bookstore of course doesn’t buy the book back!) Another one (my future European travel buddy) is always so sweet and I’m hoping we have at least one class together next year. I’ll have to check. I had noticed she and her bf broke up on social media so I brought her Starbucks last class and didn’t mention why. I just thought she could use a pick me up and she did say that she had really needed that so I’m glad I was able to provide a cup of happy!

Other than that we’re gearing up for finals. Finance we are doing a sort of “meeting” where we had to pick a Chinese word on the board that my professor wrote (we don’t know Chinese so he could have made it up for all we know or put bad words up) to make it random what department we represent. The first department he revealed was finance so my group and nearly everyone else sighed of relief. My group lucked out and we managed to get marketing! My favorite! So now we have to read the case for the class and decide what projects to recommend based on a budget we’ve been given.

For marketing we have to put together our marketing plan in a paper and then do a presentation on it. How excited am I? Actually very excited! I love marketing and doing a marketing plan is just amazing. I’m totally going to call the social media part and a few others. I don’t trust the guys in the group that much. Well I do Tall Guy although he leaves everything to the last minute. But the other two, no. One is super annoying and the other is never even in class.

Part of the reason this month flew by was because I had to balance my school work with the work trip I took. The week I was gone I had to work on my case study for marketing which ended up being an 8 page paper, not including the cover page and the three pages of images at the end. It was only a 4 page case too so it included a lot of outside research. Plus I had to catch up with the notes I missed and work on the homework for the finance class once I got back too. Luckily my midterm buddy helped a ton. She’s the real MVP.

Fun story about finance this week, my professor was talking about companies selecting projects to fund. He at one point asked why a company would chose to spend money on a project they weren’t going to earn back and he gave a great example. He chose to tell us about robotics tournaments where companies sponsor teams and help them build robots to compete at the events. After class I walked up to him and told him the reason I missed class last week was because I was at a robotics competition! He was so amused by that coincidence and we chatted a bit about how amazing these events are. My classmates that I’d told about the event already thought it was funny how he mentioned this too.

Oh! And I registered for my summer and fall classes! So in summer the last core class is exactly like my undergraduate capstone class so I’m going to switch it out for a negotiations class instead. The class came highly recommended and I’m so excited to take it although it is over a few weekends in June and July.

In the fall, I’m actually taking three classes. I spoke to the program director to make sure it was manageable and he said he thought it would be! So the first class I’m taking is corporate finance. I feel that I’ll get a lot out of this class although I think I won’t find it super enjoyable. However I do think my education is lacking in that area and want to know more. Unfortunately one of my least favorite classmates is taking it too. Sigh. This class is over the entire 16 weeks of the term.

Next is a leadership course which is over two weekends in September. I have a thing for weekend classes apparently. But I’ve heard good things about this class and I think I’ll learn a lot here too. And the last class is a social media data research class that I am super excited for. It’s over the last 8 weeks of the term so that kind of sucks, I wish it was at the beginning but I’ll make do. Hopefully the weather cooperates with me. Also finals will be fun I’m sure. It is listed as a hybrid class so if I can do it online I likely will.

Otherwise in the spring I’m planning to do a project management course in the first 8 weeks of the semester and then I’ll be done! But registration hasn’t opened for spring yet so I will wait. This does mean I get to have January off and not have to worry about homework next year if I go to the robotics event for work again. Score!

And I think that’s everything so far! Let me know what you’ve done lively or school related lately. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Lol at “fastest way to tour all of Texas for sure” πŸ˜‚ how very sweet of you to bring that coffee for your friend and not mention why. β™‘ Hope the project and finals go well for you!!!

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  2. Well done on your grades! I was totally like you with it though! I would panic I’d not done well before getting grades back even though I knew I’d put 1000000% effort in. I think it would annoy my uni friends that I was doing so well but I was always panicking about it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yup!!! It’s just nerve wracking! Actually for the last paper my buddy in class and I were both freaking out because we did forget to do a portion of the assignment so we knew we’d lose points for that. We both ended up with B+ but we lost 10 points each for it. Overall good but we were lowkey upset! However we’ve each done well up until now so hopefully the final goes well.

      Liked by 1 person

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