My Target Beauty Box!

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing this month’s Beauty Box from Target! This month is all natural products in the box, which is amazing.


This post will be a bit short as 1) I’m getting ready for a work trip 2) I’m trying to get ahead of my homework as much as possible and 3) work is so crazy and I’m exhausted. Long story short and avoiding any details to respect the people involved, we’re a bit short staffed unexpectedly and I’m taking as much of the work that has to get done before the event I’m working at next week and the event that is occurring the week after (technically two separate events but under the same client and same type of event if that makes sense – like Part A and Part B sort of). It is what it is and I am lucky to have the great team around me that I do. So if you’re wondering why you’ve commented over two days ago and haven’t gotten a response, that’s why! I’m going to try to catch up today (yesterday for you).

Okay so this year I’m so underprepared for my trip I feel. I don’t even know what airlines I’m flying and I booked it… Luckily I do know what hotel I’m going to so I’ve got that going for me. So I am in Houston for 8 days, Sunday to Sunday and I have really long days scheduled. Last year we weren’t busy and I was able to get out early and come in late but we also had more support as it was a new city for this event. This year the staff is smaller but I’m hoping for some of the same loose schedule. We shall see!


The first item on the little card with the box is the Method Experimental Simply Nourish Body Wash. I actually used to love body wash but have switched to bar soap that’s more natural or homemade (not by me, homemade by someone else). I did that because I thought they were too much chemically made so I’m excited to try this one. The description says it’s made with coconut, rice milk, and shea butter.

The next two items are the Love Beauty & Planet Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner. I actually don’t use conditioner and I’m picky about my shampoo as my hair is crazy oily. I’ll try them but I’m not expecting great results.

Then there’s the SheaMoisture African Black Soap Mud Mask. I’ve never tried a mud mask so I’m so excited for this one!

One item that I’m super excited to try is the Schmidt’s Rose + Vanilla Deodorant which is vegan and cruelty-free. It doesn’t have aluminum, parabens, or artificial fragrance so if this works for me I’m totally going to repurchase. However I’m a very sweaty person due to my nervous nature so we’ll see.

Then there’s the Nourish Organic Face Lotion. I don’t know how I feel about using something called “lotion” on my face. Lotion seems like a body product to me but hey, I’m up for anything. Although it does say normal to dry skin.

Lastly there’s the Weleda Skin Food which is a lotion! It’s more for hands I believe since it’s quite small but seems interesting and I’ll probably take it to work to keep at my desk.

Overall this box was exciting for the all-natural aspect but it’s not the best value that I’ve seen. None of the products seem to be full sized and most of the Beauty Boxes have had at least 2 full sized products. It is sort of disappointing in that regard as it doesn’t feel like it’s a value due to the savings but it does feel like a good box overall because of the actual items. I’ve never tried any of these brands and the fact that they’re all natural products is exciting!

Let me know if you’ve tried anything from this box. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. That Method body wash is so amazing, it makes your skin so soft. I just ran out of mine and I bought a different all-natural body wash but will def be going back to Method when I’m done with this one. I also just bought that exact deodorant and it really, actually, truly works! I love it. I’d love to try that face lotion & mud mask, too! & that brand of the shampoo & conditioner, I’ve been seeing it a lot lately. I’d love to try something of theirs, too.

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