My March Life!

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing with you some of the highlights from this past month! Really, it has been all great so far! (Still one day left to go and keep your fingers crossed it continues to go well. We’re supposed to get the water heater fixed so hopefully it gets completely finished tomorrow.)


Before I share the month stuff though, let me tell you about how weird today (and this week) has been. One, it’s the last day of the fiscal year and a few holidays are this weekend (Happy Easter and/or Passover if you’re celebrating!) so everyone has been out over the week trying to use up the last bit of vacation that they can and getting ready for the holidays. Today the office was a ghost town.

Two, my work decided to do this really cool thing where they suddenly let us keep any unused vacation time out of nowhere and didn’t tell anyone until this week. I had resigned myself that I was going to lose 9 out of my 18 or so days I had (yeah I failed at using my time off!) but now I get to keep those 9 years AND I get another 20 for my 4 years of service so far (it increases each year). I’ve taken full advantage already by scheduling 10 of those days already.

Three, I stopped at Barnes & Noble earlier to get my free Starbucks drink this month (one free per month with a membership) and I couldn’t find any book to buy? I felt like I had all the ones I wanted to own but I looked around a lot because I wanted to use my 20% off. Eventually I left, so maybe I’ll use it online (free shipping with the membership too, not sponsored). Unfortunately once I got home I realized my sister’s present was shipped to a store in that same mall I was at and I could have picked it up (free shipping to the store, no membership, not sponsored, it’s Hot Topic though if you’re interested). I don’t need it until May but still sad I didn’t get it today.

Fourth, there I was, driving home slightly miffed that I didn’t find a book today and suddenly little water drops start appearing on my windshield. Rain wasn’t in the forecast so I was surprised but whatever. Then it became light snow and I was more surprised. Just as I pulled into the driveway of my house it started to really come down but the funny thing was, it was super sunny at the same time! It was so strange. One of my friends who lives in the city saw my snaps and said she didn’t see any snow at all and then asked if I lived in Narnia. I’m starting to think I do!

Okay, so that’s almost 500 words and I haven’t even gotten to my month yet! Let’s get to it!


So overall the month has been pretty uneventful actually. Earlier this month I did go out to vote in the primary state and local elections. I vote at a church and that’s the only way you’ll ever see me in one. Photos aren’t allowed inside but here’s a photo of the door as proof. I also got a sticker but somehow didn’t get a photo of it.


I mentioned recently that I saw the musical Pretty Woman last weekend! I thought it was absolutely charming but that’s all I’ll say about it now as I’m going to do a full review on Monday for it!


One of my favorite things to do when I go downtown is stop by the Chicago Cultural Center. It’s basically a free museum and I had heard about this Keith Harding mural exhibit on NPR a few days prior. This mural was done by the artist Harding with many Chicago art students around the city. Part of the mural is on display and I believe it’s the first time since it was originally displayed in the city a few decades ago. It’s there for awhile but I’m glad I got to see it already!



Also while downtown my mom wanted to stop into Macy’s. They were setting up for their flower show or something that was starting the next day and they had these cute chairs for photo ops. Shout out to my mom with her mad photography skillz! (LOL. But for real, thanks mom!)

And that’s pretty much it! As I said, it has been a quiet month overall, but ultimately a nice one. I do think next month will be more fun as I do have my Houston work trip coming up!

Let me know what fun things you’ve been up to in March. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love when shops start to put out their spring decor, it gets me very excited for hotter weather and flowers blooming, hope you enjoyed pretty woman 🙂

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