My Lively March & MBA Update!

Hi everyone! So it’s time for my lively monthly post!

Per usual my goal is to do more active things to live a more active lifestyle. And per usual I largely failed!

I’m a lost cause I think. But the good news is that my office building is getting a gym installed and I’m hoping to use it during my lunch break at work. Or maybe head in early to use it. We shall see.

Anyway what did I do this month? Let’s see!


I did manage to go for a run twice this month! It was so slow and I walked almost as much as I ran but I did go out twice. I normally do about two and a half miles each time and I normally do around 8min miles but this time around it took me around 12! I was just not able to move quickly this time.

I don’t really like running actually, I just like bragging about it! And I suppose it does energize me but overall I don’t enjoy it.

And that’s pretty much all I did in terms of working out. I’ll try again next month to both run more and do some yoga again.

MBA Update

So this month has been a nice month in terms of school. For the most part we have one week where we have had assignments due and one week without any. So while we (well the five or so classmates and I that talked about this and I) would rather have them alternate, we do appreciate the down time.

So far we have a few assignments that have been graded and returned. I’ve gotten A’s on all of them! I’m so proud of myself. I have to admit, when I was in undergrad I was so burnt out and didn’t understand what a privilege it was to be in my position. I took college for granted. Now I appreciate every second in the classroom, reading the materials, and figuring out the homework. It’s not a sacrifice to spend that time on school.

Plus I’m paying for it myself so that also helps keep me focused!

So this past week was spring break and I had a list of goals I was working towards. While I didn’t accomplish all of them I did a fair amount and still had down time. It was great!

I also met with a new classmate. She just started the program and we are conversation we are meant to be friends as we’re really similar. We met up to work on our midterm and we may need to do the same thing again. I’ll have to check in on her during class tomorrow (today when you’re reading this). We learned we work well together because I get the work right away and can get it done fast but she need more time to understand so she has a chance to catch silly mistakes I make like referencing the wrong cell on accident once I explain what I’m trying to do. I’ll be sad not to have a class with her going forward!

Other than that I am still stalking the class discussion board for the correct answers. Everything I got on my own someone else did already and posted it. Then all the questions I had were also posted as o didn’t start working on it right away. So now I just need to wait to see if anyone responds. I did put some of my answers up but I’m not sure I did it right. And supposedly it’s the easy one. *Eye roll*.

I do also need to write my memo as we can turn it in by Thursday to get feedback. It’s one page and I’m good at writing if I do say so myself, plus with the feedback I received I got full points the last time so I’m not that worried. Yet.

Just wait until I turn it in. Then I’ll be second guessing everything. Although it is a strange class that we’re encouraged to share answers and how we got them on a professor led discussion board. But honestly that’s what happens in real life. You need to work together to get the correct results. So I do like grad school so much better!


Oh, and we’re supposed to register next month for our next classes, including summer. The director of the program sent out the electives offered for the next year so now I have to pick… It’s so stressful! At the end of our last class he pulled me aside to tell me that I could take something besides the summer capstone class as I’ve already taken it in undergrad. The class focuses on the same project which is an online game where you control a shoe company. Based on the decisions your group and the other groups make, the “market” changes each week and the groups are ranked depending how well they do. I could take it again as it will be different (due to the different groups creating different circumstances) but I’m not interested in repeating past course work so I think I will take the negotiations class instead. I’ve heard good things about it so I’m going to go that route.

Other than that, I’m just going through the classwork trying to survive! Oh! I almost forgot! We also started working on our final project for our marketing midterm. We chose a product and will create a marketing plan for the final project. My group is myself and three guys. Oy vey…

One of the guys is actually really cool and we get along very well. We got to know each other in j-term and we sit together in class (along with the above-mentioned classmate) so I’m glad to work with him. Another one is, well, honestly he’s annoying. And the last one seems to be very uninterested in the program. He’s a graduate assistant for a sports team on campus and for the most part because they get free tuition they don’t care that much. Not all of them of course, one of my new friends from the program is a GA and she loves being in class, but a lot of them give off that vibe. So basically the first guy (I’ll call him Tall Guy for now because he’s tall) and I picked our product on our own. The other two weren’t in class the week before the form was due so we came up with a plan.

Our product was going to be a fitness subscription box for beginners. (Yes! A subscription box like I wanted to plan out earlier this year! Yes, I made this happen.) So we split up the product and Tall Guy sent out 5 ideas, among them a beginner fitness program, and then I replied with 5 ideas, among them a subscription box and I recommend we take my favorite of Tall Guy’s ideas, aka the fitness program, and my favorite idea of my own, aka my subscription box, and then MASH THEM TOGETHER. Tall Guy was like “woah! What a GREAT idea!” and the other two just went with is, as expected. Then Tall Guy did most of the form and I finished the last question on it so we could turn it in. The GA Guy didn’t say anything at all about it that I can remember and the Other Guy tried to be like “omg I’m so sorry! I’m totally going to do more next time!” and so on.

Well as long as they actually do some work it’ll work out but otherwise I told Tall Guy that I have no problem whatsoever leaving their names off the projects. However it is two final projects together (one for each class of course) so that will be a nightmare to try to do on our own.

So I think that’s everything! I think I went on a bit too long about my MBA program but let’s face it, that’s basically my diary chronicling my adventures through graduate school. Now I have to go start that memo and then go to bed early since I have class tomorrow but let me know if you’ve taken up a new hobby or taken a new class lately. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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