My Spring Break Goals Update!

Hi everyone! So I figured that since I shared my spring break goals I should update you on how they actually went. Because what’s the point of having goals if you don’t revisit them, right?


Before looking at them again I’m going to guess I did not do very well. Why? Because I kind of chose to relax more than use my time wisely. Sigh. I am quite lazy at times. But maybe I surprised myself!

Here are my goals! And how I did!

  • Actually blog 5 days a week: No school means no excuse, right?
    Oh! We’re off to a great start because this is post #5 this week! I have to admit, I almost gave up on one or two of the days but I persisted and here we are. Success!
  • Closet Cleaning: it’s still way too cold but I want to start transitioning my winter clothes out and getting rid of stuff I don’t want to keep. I haven’t even decided what to do about the clothes from the last clear out either but I won’t have time to start this later so I want to do it now.
    Oh… I did not do this. But in my defense the temperature dropped drastically again and we barely escaped a snow storm today and tomorrow so really this would have been a terrible idea.
  • Catch up on YouTube and Netflix: I got my YouTube watch later list down to about 30 and now it’s up to 80. And I started watching Altered Carbon and Jessica Jones recently so I want to finish those as well as The Crown. So much to watch, so little time. This will probably be a multitasking item!
    Hmmmm, I suppose I’d give myself half points for this. I didn’t watch anymore Netflix but I did get my YouTube watch later list down to 60 this week. This is with keeping up with new videos on top of several very long videos (like 3hr+ for gaming videos).
  • Get a massage: if I can figure out a day to take off work next week (maybe Thursday?) I’ll totally get a massage. My back isn’t in pain anymore but my lower back, shoulders, and neck are so achy and tense I think this will help. I might put this off until closer to onsite though.
    I chose to go with the plan to push this closer to my travel dates next month. I also need to get a manicure before onsite. Someone remind me later lols.
  • Start planning what to pack for Houston: my hotel and flight are booked for my work trip (I’m working a robotics event for one of my clients) in April and I need to prepare. This ties into the closet thing too as my current wardrobe won’t do for Houston! Such a different climate than Chicago.
    HAHAHA start planning what to pack for a trip a month out?? Yeah, I actually did do this because I’m such an over-planner…
  • Enjoy a musical with my mom: I got her tickets to see a musical in Chicago next weekend as an early mother’s day gift and she’s super excited! She thinks I’ll hate it but I am open minded about it.
    We’re going tomorrow! I’M SO EXCITED! It also happens to coincide with the march downtown for gun control and I’m trying to forget that I hate crowds. Hopefully they all move on from the downtown area quickly or stay closer to the park areas. But lunch, shopping, art, and adventure awaits!
  • Finish a book: I have made some progress in my current read but I am so far from the end.
    I finished two! Including the current read from above. More on these on Monday in my book/entertainment post of the month.
  • Finish my take home midterm for finance: okay so this one has to get done.
    So I didn’t finish everything but very nearly. Now I’m just waiting for my classmates to get the right answers and post them on the discussion board for the class because I think I’m doing some of them wrong. Oh and I need to write my memo for next week so I can turn it in for feedback before it’s actually due the week after.
  • Play some video games: specifically Far Cry 3 because I’m finally getting good at it (kinda).
    I actually forgot about this one! Maybe I’ll play a bit on Sunday if I get my memo and a few blog posts done early. But like I said earlier I did watch a few gaming videos so it’s not like I didn’t participate in the video games world over the week. I’ve been obsessed with play-throughs of Life is Strange: Before the Storm and Life is Strange.
  • Nap: because it’s important.
    Unfortunately not but I did go to bed early most days this week! I think that probably counts at least a tiny bit, right?
  • Crush my coworkers with my March Madness bracket: Pamela’s Pretty Sparkles are doing pretty well! I had the most points for most of the day and currently tied for first place but I still have the most possible points I can get so I think I still have a slight advantage there! I know nothing of college basketball though so that’s a huge disadvantage overall. How did I pick my bracket? Well in this order: 1) team rankings 2) team logos 3) optimism. President Obama and I both picked Virginia to win it all so I think I’m probably not that bad at picking the winners though. I have to say, Arizona’s loss got nearly everyone in the group so I don’t feel as bad that I missed that one. Sports!
    Well my poor little bracket is absolutely destroyed after effing Virginia lost in the VERY FIRST GAME. UGH. But it’s been fun so far and I still have the most right out of the group. Go Pretty Sparkles! (And go Loyola, an amazing Chicago team!)

So that’s how my goals went! Turns out, pretty well overall. How surprising! So, tell me about a goal that you’ve achieved recently, I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. For Spring Break I was in Florida and had to get some homework done and study some and plus still have some fun and make sure I blog each day.

    But recently don’t know any goals I accomplished. But I am trying so hard to pass Western Civilization. My main goal for now is to pass all my classes. But a current goal, have no idea.

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  2. Awesome job! I need to declutter my closet and organize it. I also really need to separate cold weather and warm weather. Always so much to do! Lol

    Liked by 2 people

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