My Decor Hunt – Wall Art!

Hi everyone! So lately I’ve become obsessed with the idea of finding a piece of wall art for my home office. I have a large blank space on my wall that isn’t hidden by a shelf or book shelves and that’s been bugging me.


The issue is, I don’t have any ideas what I really want to do with the space!

I’m not confined to a certain color scheme or anything but there are just so many options! I’m not in a huge hurry to fill the space, but I’m starting to get really obsessed with the idea.

Big Piece

My preference is a large piece of wall art. I could go the easy route and get a poster, cheap frame, and call it a day but I kind of want a sort of painting or something more creative. I’ve looked around TJ Maxx, Target, Pier 1, but I haven’t found anything I really like yet.

Several Smaller Pieces

I also like the idea of getting a collage photo frame or maybe even separate photo frames. However I don’t print photos often. I also considered smaller prints and framing those but I think that would be overkill in the space.


My sister had been looking for some sort of in Mexico and didn’t find one. I haven’t seen them here either so they’re difficult! But I think that could be a really cool idea as I recently have seen some book unboxings with some in there. I could get a Ravenclaw one maybe!

My own art!

I actually have two smaller watercolor painting canvases that I bought years ago and haven’t done anything with. I do want to use them at some point so this might be a good time to try to make something with them. I haven’t painted for quite awhile though so I’d need some practice first!

Something else?

If you have an idea for what I could do with the space, let me know! It’s basically the top half of the wall and a pretty large area, maybe large enough for 76in horizontally. I don’t really want to do anything like a board but maybe I’m just not thinking of something that I would love. I’ve thought about an outfit display for a dress or something that I’ve really loved but those frames are quite expensive I think and plus I do want something in a landscape format for the space.

So that’s my ideas so far! Like I said, I’m not in a hurry to fill the space but I am kind of hoping I find something soon.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Do you have a Tuesday Morning near you? They usually have a nice art section, with prices marked down substantially. Be sure to check their clearance section, you may hit the jackpot!
    Or…you could temporarily paint your 2 existing canvases a solid color that works well in the space, hang them & await the right inspiration to paint your custom art!

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