My Spring Break Goals!

Hi everyone! Well lately I’ve been thinking of goals and bucket lists and so on so I wanted to make a mini goals list for spring break. Well maybe it’s more of a to-do list?


Anyway I’ve been seeing many of those [Number] things to do before I’m [Matching Age] and I’m also thinking of doing one of those. Unfortunately I’m much more closer to 30 than I’m comfortable so I don’t think I could do that (I’m going to be 27 in May. Yikes.) but maybe I could do 35 or a random number like 32? That sounds more reasonable I think.

I’ve also been putting off my Chicago Bucket List which I really need to start creating if I’m going to actually have any hopes of trying to complete it. And while I’m at it I should probably start planning my revisit to my Actual Life Goals and Improbable Life Goals (and start planning BirthMay??). What can I say? Planning and goal-ing are my passion. (Apparently.)

Okay, we’re getting off track here. So next week is my spring break! All that means is that I have the week off from school but honestly the late night throws off my entire week so I’m thinking I’ll get a lot more done now!

Here are my goals!

  • Actually blog 5 days a week: No school means no excuse, right?
  • Closet Cleaning: it’s still way too cold but I want to start transitioning my winter clothes out and getting rid of stuff I don’t want to keep. I haven’t even decided what to do about the clothes from the last clear out either but I won’t have time to start this later so I want to do it now.
  • Catch up on YouTube and Netflix: I got my YouTube watch later list down to about 30 and now it’s up to 80. And I started watching Altered Carbon and Jessica Jones recently so I want to finish those as well as The Crown. So much to watch, so little time. This will probably be a multitasking item!
  • Get a massage: if I can figure out a day to take off work next week (maybe Thursday?) I’ll totally get a massage. My back isn’t in pain anymore but my lower back, shoulders, and neck are so achy and tense I think this will help. I might put this off until closer to onsite though.
  • Start planning what to pack for Houston: my hotel and flight are booked for my work trip (I’m working a robotics event for one of my clients) in April and I need to prepare. This ties into the closet thing too as my current wardrobe won’t do for Houston! Such a different climate than Chicago.
  • Enjoy a musical with my mom: I got her tickets to see a musical in Chicago next weekend as an early mother’s day gift and she’s super excited! She thinks I’ll hate it but I am open minded about it.
  • Finish a book: I have made some progress in my current read but I am so far from the end.
  • Finish my take home midterm for finance: okay so this one has to get done.
  • Play some video games: specifically Far Cry 3 because I’m finally getting good at it (kinda).
  • Nap: because it’s important.
  • Crush my coworkers with my March Madness bracket: Pamela’s Pretty Sparkles are doing pretty well! I had the most points for most of the day and currently tied for first place but I still have the most possible points I can get so I think I still have a slight advantage there! I know nothing of college basketball though so that’s a huge disadvantage overall. How did I pick my bracket? Well in this order: 1) team rankings 2) team logos 3) optimism. President Obama and I both picked Virginia to win it all so I think I’m probably not that bad at picking the winners though. I have to say, Arizona’s loss got nearly everyone in the group so I don’t feel as bad that I missed that one. Sports!

And I think that’s it. Already this is a jam packed list since I still have work everyday but I think this is a good list overall.

Let me know what you’re planning to do over spring break! Or if you don’t have a spring break just in general next week I guess. Also, did anyone else pick Virginia? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Napping is always a goal I set, but I never get to achieve it with my work schedule 🙈 but I did redo my wardrobe recently (even though I’ll have to do it again in a few months when I switch out the seasons), so I pat myself on the back for that haha

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  2. Hope you achieve all your goals!! A musical with your mum sounds nice hope you enjoy it 😊 I’ve just been to see my first musical yesterday and I finally understand all the buzz about musicals because it was amazing 😁 xx

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