My Emergency Hotel Stay Bag!

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to share my emergency hotel stay bag! What’s an emergency hotel stay bag? Well as you may know, I live, work, and study in the Chicagoland area which is known for snowy winters. So I packed a bag of stuff I would need if I needed to spend the night in a hotel after school if there is bad weather overnight.


The reason I packed this bag was to be prepared in case I am stranded at school due to bad weather after class. To give you some insight on my day, I normally leave my house to go to work at around 6:30-6:45am and leave work around 3:30-4pm. My commute from work to home is about an hour. On Tuesdays I have class and I usually get to school around 5pm. Class starts at 6pm so I’ll look for dinner and do any last minute work that I need to get done. Class lets out at 10:30pm at the earliest and since it’s late there’s no traffic but to get home it still takes an hour. So in case there’s any bad weather I want to be fully prepared!


So what is actually in this bag? Well it’s pretty basic. I have a change of clothing for the next day at work. I also have pjs and cozy socks (from my Winter FabFitFun box!) to sleep in (I need to throw in my new sleep mask from my Spring FabFitFun box!) as well as a few basic toiletries. Things like a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, contacts, moisturizer, cleanser, etc. are in this bag. I also keep my spare hairbrush in there as I tend to forget it if it’s not already in there.

I also throw in some makeup in the morning after I’ve put it on but as I’m using those items right now they’re not in the bag at the moment. More items not pictured but that are usually thrown in include my phone charger, glasses (in their case), and flip flops. I just have to keep taking those items out as I need them day-to-day. I always have my laptop in my regular bag, along with my dry shampoo, lip balm, and so many more little bits.

Luckily I haven’t had to rely on this bag yet although I did come very close last week and this week due to snow/ice rain. Next week it’s supposed to snow on Tuesday again but it’s spring break so I’m not really worried about it. However we had lovely December and January (and mostly February) weather so I’m not surprised that we’re getting snow in March. Global warming and all that as you know.


As I only plan to rely on this bag for one night and meant for emergencies it’s not that full but I do have everything in the amazing Victoria’s Secret bag that I got as a gift with purchase once at the store. But if you think of anything that I might be forgetting let me know so I can throw it in before classes start up again!

And before I leave, I’ll add in a blog announcement! I think it’s really time for me to change up my blogging schedule. Honestly, I love blogging but I just can’t fit five posts into my week anymore. I will do probably do five posts next week since it’s spring break but I will likely switch to three posts a week in April. I just don’t want to upload so many posts that I consider to be just “meh”. I will say that I am quite good at recognizing when I just don’t want to write or don’t have time and I don’t stress about that but I don’t want to promise five posts only to give you three.

So that’s my emergency hotel stay bag! It stays packed in my home office and on Tuesdays I grab it as I head out the door. So let me know if you have a bag packed for emergencies or if there’s anything you think I need for my bag.

Thanks for reading!


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