What I Brought Back From Mexico!

Hi everyone! I know I promised this post last week but ended up having to push it back to today!

I just had the most terrible week last week mental health wise so I chose to take a few days and the weekend to just rest. Hopefully this week goes better!

So I didn’t bring too many items back since I didn’t want to get a lot. I brought back a lot last time so that’s the main reason! Also we didn’t actually go shopping much.

So here’s what I got!

So the first two items are books. One is Nueva historia minima de Mexico and the other is Dia de los Muertos. The history book I bought on recommendation of a tour guide in Mexico. They didn’t have it in the gift shop although he had told us that it was. I did find it later in the day at another bookshop nearby. Probably for cheaper than if it had been available there! The other book I found at a gift shop at another place and I just had to get it since it looked really interesting!

The next items are from my cousin. One of the items she got me was a purple decoration that I’ve hung on my door. She also got me a pair of little purple and gold jar earrings. They’re so cute!

While we were out with family we also found a little shopping area with crafted items. My mom and I bought handmade soaps and even though I included them all here only the top one is mine!

Lastly I got a new mug! I thought it was so cute so I had to get it! It’s Day of the Dead themed and so pretty. I did get it in an artsy market in Morelia. I absolutely fell in love with the mug when I saw it and I had to have it! That market is one of my favorites out of all the markets I’ve ever been to and it’s so fun to shop at. This time it was also full of guitars like the one from the movieΒ Coco which were soooo cute but of course also really overpriced. There were some of all sizes like toy guitars and actual guitars so it would have been nice but I wasn’t going to try to travel with a guitar throughout Mexico and on a plane.

Oh, and it’s not pictured since I already gave them away but I also got some monarch butterfly magnets that I gave out at work to my coworkers and managers. I like to bring back a little something for them as people tend to freak out upon hearing that I’m leaving the country for a whole week. Not even in a “OMG YOU COULD BE KIDNAPPED” sort of way (although to be honest they probably do worry a tad about that), just in a “OMG WE WON’T BE ABLE TO SEE YOU FOR A WHOLE WEEK” kind of way. My coworkers even insisted we have a special lunch together since I would be gone for so long! They’re so sweet!

And that’s pretty much everything I brought back! Let me know what you prefer to bring back from trips. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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