My Lively February! (And MBA Update!)

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing with you how active my month has been. Plus I’m also going to include a little school update here! Every month I say I’m going to make sure I have something to talk about in this post and honestly I don’t do too well.


I’m mostly blaming that on the cold weather and school although now that the weather is (hopefully) warming up I don’t think I’ll have much of an excuse! One of my co-workers has promised to teach me volleyball when the weather is nicer so hopefully we follow through with that.

But what did I do this month? Well, honestly not much at home. But I did go to Mexico where I did a ton of walking!


I don’t keep track of my steps anymore as I don’t use my Fitbit. I wore my Fitbit pretty much every day for I think about three years but mine was starting to break apart and had difficulty charging, plus it was losing it’s charge so quickly that I stopped using it. Plus it was irritating my skin on my wrist even though it hadn’t been doing that before. So I stopped using it and haven’t picked it up again. However, we did do a ton of walking (unless it was a travel day) as we walked nearly everywhere.

That’s pretty much everything for how “active” I’ve been in February. I know, it’s a bit of a fail so here’s a school update too!



If you’re new, I’m currently in school for my MBA. Today is week 5 of the spring semester (16 weeks) so right now it feels like the end will never come. I’m currently taking Marketing Management and Finance Management. Both of the professors are ones I had in undergrad, funnily enough.

My marketing class is pretty easy so far. The thing with that one is that we have so few assignments that I worry about doing poorly on one of them. My finance class has a lot more work each week, not just homework but we often have to complete the workbooks that my professor is going to use in class and we’re expected to participate in Blackboard discussions (an online classroom tool) for part of our grade. It’s quite painful because no one wants to participate to begin with. Neither professor is using the Blackboard grading option so we also aren’t getting regular updates besides the homework scores to see how we’re doing. However a large portion of the actual class is taken up by the lecture so at least there’s that.

Most of my classmates are the same people I had in my fall semester class. We did lose a few as not everyone starts at the same time so whoever had started in the spring moved onto their electives and anyone who already has a Masters degree from the college is only required to take the six core classes in the program and some graduated. We have a few new people as well who just started the program. Most of them sit next to me actually, I have three new students around me and they’re really nice! One is an older student who is a mother returning to school and has a career. The other two are younger than I am and, like me, don’t have much work experience yet necessarily but we want to get our MBAs as early as possible.

We’re getting group assignments soon (supposedly) so I’m nervous about who will be in my group but I’m trying not to stress as that’s ultimately not in my control. This has been the first week since I can remember that I haven’t had any homework (besides finishing a workbook for finance for class) so I’ve been watching so much Netflix and YouTube. It’s been great! But I am getting that feeling I get when I haven’t been productive and working on stuff that makes my stomach and mind uneasy. Does anyone else get that? I always feel physically ill if I haven’t been working on something. I think it’s that I’m so used to always having something to do that if I take time to relax I start feeling like I must be forgetting something. It makes it hard to take time off of anything so if you get this feeling and have any tips for combating this, do let me know!

That’s all I really have for this post! I’m hopefully that March will be much more spring-like and I’ll have more exciting things for next month to chat about in this post. Although this month I got to go to Mexico so overall, that’s plenty of excitement for me for one month!

Let me know what you’ve been doing to stay active! Any tips for someone as lazy as me??

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I think with the weather being pretty cold and awful this month and college you have a good excuse for not being so active recently!! Glad you are getting on well with the people in your class and I completely agree that I get quite anxious if I’ve not got something to work on xx

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