My Mexico Trip Days 1, 2, & 3!

Hi everyone! So I figured it was time to share some photos from my Mexico trip! I’d been sharing a few on Instagram and will continue to do so periodically so feel free to follow me there (StarringPamela). But for now here’s days 1, 2, and 3 of my trip!

So overall it was a great trip. Exhausting, and stressful upon my return when I had to finish my homework in a hurry (still got an A on both assignments so you know, it’s not that bad) but I loved my time in Mexico. Here’s some quick summaries of how the trip went in thee first half of the week!


Oh, and day 0.5 as technically that was part of the trip too.

Day 0.5 – Tuesday Travel Day!


So on Tuesday you can see that it snowed! I’d been watching the weather like a hawk as I had a red eye to Mexico City Tuesday night. It’d snowed the day before and was supposed to snow that night as well. My dad dropped me off at work and we had a terrible drive as the roads weren’t plowed in areas at all. It took him over an hour to get back home (usually 45 minutes as traffic is very light towards our home in the morning). After work my dad picked me up and drove me to school (what a champ) and then waited for me while I went to my first class. After marketing I left and we drove off towards the airport.

After we parked the little train wasn’t running so we had to wait for a bus as we parked at a lot that was farther away (economy parking, yay). Eventually we got to Terminal 5 which is the international terminal at O’Hare International Airport. My sister was there already waiting for us and so we quickly checked in for our flight and I sent my dad home so he wouldn’t be caught in the snow.


The first photo above is about 30 minutes before we boarded. The photo right above this paragraph was taken at the airport. I loved the wings! (Photo credit to my sister.) We boarded really early actually but it took forever to get moving. I kept telling my sister that we were definitely moving and she kept telling me we definitely weren’t. She was at the window and not freaking out about the danger we faced so she was the voice of reason until we were in the air. We were flying Aeromexico which I love though so that was reassuring.

We chose to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel together and about half an hour in the movie glitched and we took that as a sign that it was bedtime and we fell asleep for nearly all of the remaining 4 hours.

Day 1 – Wednesday with more travel!

Once we arrived my mom and uncle were waiting for us already. When we got in the car my grandfather was already in the car and he didn’t realize that we were there right away. He was happy to see me and almost cried when he saw my sister, whom he hadn’t seen in over a decade. Once we left the car park we were stuck in city traffic for a bit and I feel asleep. When I woke up I was super confused where we were as my aunt and uncle’s home isn’t that far but it turns out we were going straight to my grandfather’s home near the city of Morelia. So I slept even more.


We arrived at my dad’s family’s home (which is actually the house my dad originally built intending to move us back to, but that never happened) and we chatted with the family a bit. My sister and I also took yet another nap because we were so exhausted. Then we went to my grandfather’s home and sat out behind the house where the volleyball courts are. As you can see, there’s a lake there and mountains around. Coming from the prairie of Illinois, I love seeing mountains and my ears wouldn’t stop popping.

Anyway, after watching a dance rehearsal (the town is preparing for their town party next month) and then a volleyball game, we went back to my dad’s family’s home to go to bed!

Day 2 – Thursday Morelia Day!


The next day my mom and grandfather had to go pay some property taxes so we went to Morelia. My grandfather owns the home in the town we were staying at as well as a home my grandmother had built in Morelia itself. He can’t bear to sell it and none of the kids can bear the thought of doing it either so he rents it out.


After that was done we went to the city center to show my sister the cathedral. While my uncle parked the car we went in to look around.


After that we took a trolley tour of the city center and saw so many sights! There were a few others in the tour including two younger girls and two older women. We drove by the aqueducts, which were just beautiful!


We went by various parks and sights and got details on each. I forgot what the horse hooves meant but I believe that if the horse has only one leg in the air then that means the rider was in battle and survived. If both front legs are in the air I believe that means the rider died in battle. I could be totally wrong though!


The tour also let us get off to explore this beautiful church. I’m not religious at all but it was soooo gorgeous. We weren’t allowed to talk in the church which made it so much easier to appreciate how amazing it looked. We then got back on the trolley and were taken back to the city center. The tour also passed by my dad’s university when he was a student in Mexico (he went for a few semesters before moving to the US) and the hotel where my parents stayed after they got married. My grandfather is 90 so he was walking more slowly with my uncle and my sister, mom, and I went to the artisanal market.

I bought little monarch butterfly magnets for my coworkers to put up at their desk. So far they’re a hit! If you don’t know, monarch butterflies make the trip from the US (including Illinois where they’re the state butterfly) to Michoacan which is the state in Mexico where we were at. My coworkers loved the story with the butterflies as well as the magnets. I don’t have to bring anything back for them of course but I like to because they are very accommodating that I’m taking off work for a week to be out of the country where they can’t reach me at all. Everyone else takes a few days off here and there and don’t really tend to travel far, or out of the country.

Day 3 – Friday and more travel!


So we were originally going to leave on Thursday but my sister and I really loved being in the town where my parents grew up so we decided we’d leave early Friday. However it was pouring rain on Friday and we decided to wait for it to pass. Instead we got to eat with family one more time and watch tortillas being made. We did eventually leave and I slept the entire way back to Mexico City because 1) cars make me sleepy and 2) cars give me car sickness if I’m not asleep. I hate that I miss the beautiful scenery but I hate feeling car sick even more. So it’s best to sleep! Once we got to Mexico City it took three hours to make our way through to where my aunt’s house is as the traffic was terrible. But we got there in the end and while my mom was quite upset that we didn’t get to enjoy the day I didn’t mind as we got to spend time together anyway!

And that’s the first three days of the trip! I think tomorrow I might do my outfits and then on Friday I will do days 4, 5, and 6. Unless you really want me to switch them then I totally will! Just let me know haha!

So, let me know, what do you like to do when you travel? How do you pass the time?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I seriously love the architecture in Catholic churches (was that a Catholic church? I made a jump and assumed, but sorry if I’m wrong!). They’re always so stunning!! That one reminds me of a few I saw in Peru πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The cathedral is beautiful & that trolley is so cute! Interesting about the horse hooves– I didn’t know they meant anything at all!
    I always feel asleep in cars, too & I don’t get car sickness lol something about them just makes me sleepy!
    Looking forward to reading the rest of the Mexico posts! πŸ˜„

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh that church was stunning. And the trolley was so fun! I never would have known the hooves meant something either.
      You are so lucky about the car sickness. I can barely make it to my uncle’s house about an hour and a half from home. It’s too much for me!

      Liked by 1 person

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