Love Never Dies Musical Review!

Hi everyone! Today I’m reviewing the musical Love Never Dies.

This is the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera which is one of the best musicals I’ve seen.

This musical is the last of the current season for Broadway in Chicago. I was a season subscribers for two seasons but ultimately did not renew for the next season. I loved being a subscriber as tickets are slightly cheaper and it was so nice not to worry about buying them individually but I wasn’t that interested in the next season and wanted to save money.

I watched the movie version of this musical a few months ago when deciding if I wanted to purchase the season. The movie version is nearly the same it is a stage version on the movie.

I have to say I really enjoyed this one! I had seen online less than favorable responses to the musical in general when it opened but I had a great time. My mom went with me as a friend was unable to go and she also really enjoyed it. (We also got her mother’s day present in the form of tickets to another musical next month.)

As always, I’ll tell you some fun stories about the audience. Overall, behaved themselves but it’s clearly cold season and everyone but me forgot their cough drops. The older ladies behind us were quite talkative, and they also had season subscriptions as they were talking about The Humans play that one of them had to miss for their grandson’s birthday and the other was less than impressed by.

Apparently the first one didn’t bother to switch the date (which is easy to do) and the other got a free upgrade to orchestra and she didn’t really enjoy it due to the fact that the set was two floors and she was too close to the stage to see the top floor properly at times. Then there was a giant group of kids who were split up between two areas. Two girls really wanted to sit together although they were in the different areas. They stood awhile before it started trying to plan to switch seats with someone, gave up, and then went to their own seats. Rather than going down to go around the seats to get to the other side of the row she made everyone get up in my row to let her through. Sigh.

In front of us there was a man and woman who I assumed were a couple but I didn’t notice them talking. There was also a woman who didn’t talk to the people with her either and then there were two guys next to me who I think were a couple and didn’t know anything about this musical.

Love Never Dies takes place about ten years after the events in Paris. Now the Phantom resides on Coney Island with the Girys and Christine and her family arrive while she is on her way to sing for Hammerstein. Her son, Gustave, is eager to see the world and a musical talent himself.

Right away the Phantom has an amazing song in “Til I Hear You Sing” and the show is full of more. I absolutely loved “The Beauty Underneath” and “Love Never Dies”. The songs “Dear Old Friend” and Meg’s “Bathing Beauty” were wonderful as well.

Of course, we’re also reminded of the Phantom’s obsessive personality right away so it’s still the same Phantom we know and love. Christine doesn’t spend nearly as much time on the floor this time but still a fair amount.

I would say Gustave was a marvelous addition to the characters we know. He was curious and adventurous, taking the audience to explore the new world of Phantasma. It was also nice to see so many people working with the Phantom now as opposed to how much of a lonely, solo act he had under the Opera House in Paris. He now has three performers who lead the cast of Phantasma.

The sets reminded me of the first musical as well. There were many moving parts and so much to look at. There were also parts of the set that flipped as the original did to give a whole new look. It was very intricate and there were so many moving parts. A portion of it also reminded me of Aladdin of all things because there were so many glittering lights.

The costumes were incredible as well. Christine often had elaborate costumes, even when not performing and the Phantom was very much dressed to impress. Gustave also looked smart in his little suit while the Girys dressed nicely but much more subdued. Raoul also was well dressed and the Coney Island performers looked spectacular.

While waiting for the performance to start I read through the playbill and realized the actor who was Meg had been the same as Kathy when I saw Singin’ in the Rain at the Marriott Theatre a while back. I was pleasantly surprised and she did do a great job. The actor who was Christine shocked the house with her incredible voice and the Phantom was amazing as well. Gustave was perhaps the most surprising because I definitely did not expect that a small child would be so good but he was!

As I said, I really enjoyed this musical and I would definitely see it again. If I wasn’t trying to save money right now I would definitely go see it again next weekend (still kind of considering it to be honest). It also makes me want to go see the first one again.

So let me know if you’ve seen this musical. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Great review as always, Pamela! I’m probably sadder than you are that you didn’t renew your subscription lol. I love reading about the plays & musicals you attend.
    I’ve never seen the first one but I was in a parody play of it in middle school called “The Phantom of the Op’ry” lol. I saw that this play is coming to Las Vegas & wanted to see it but should I watch the first film or something first? Or would I understand right away if I just went to see this play without any prior knowledge of the first one?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwwww thank you Hunida! And don’t worry, I’m sure I’m getting a subscription again soon as Chicago is supposed to get Dear Evan Hansen. I heard so many good things!
      So this musical is a sequel in the sense that it’s the same characters but you don’t have to see the first movie beforehand if you don’t want to. It will still make sense without it. I think I would recommend you see it at some point because I love it though!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I still don’t yet know Charlotte’s season yet. Unfortunately have to wait till the summer to find the season.


      • I’ve never heard of Dear Evan Hansen but I’ll have to look for that one if it ever comes to Vegas!
        The Color Purple is playing here in some months– I reeeeally wanna see that one! Is it going to be in Chicago, too?
        Oh that’s really cool that it makes sense without seeing the first one but I do really want to see that!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I think Chicago is getting it later this year or spring of next. It’s supposed to be really good!
        I think The Color Purple is going to be in the current season. I know a smaller regional theatre near my work had it last year.
        I think you should totally see both!!! 😀

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  2. It’s good to know you like it 🙂 I saw it in its original run in the West End when it first came out, and I believe it has changed since then? I wasn’t overly keen on it, I mean it was OK, but not as good as Phantom! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah they did change it and the new version gets much better reviews. I just really loved it although I agree that the first one is so much better. I feel like the first one is amazing throughout the performance while the second has some really great parts and some lag a bit so it’s much more noticeable when comparing the two.

      Liked by 1 person

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