Ballet Folklorico de Mexico Review!

Hi everyone! Long time no chat! I’m back from Mexico and I have a fun review for you today. While in Mexico City I went to see the Ballet Floklorico de Mexico!

I’d looked for shows to potentially see while in Mexico beforehand and found this one at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in the city center. I’d already wanted to see this building as it is very beautiful so seeing a show here was perfect!


I had mentioned it to my mom and when she asked her family if they wanted to go they were all on board. We ended up being a group of 7 with a few of my cousins meeting us after. The show was at 9:30 am which we all thought was really early and we barely got everyone there in time to get in. (We were there about half hour early but had to wait for people so we walked on as it started.)

In all it was myself, my mom and sister, along with one of my aunts, two of my uncles and one of my cousins. As we got in and waited my cousin ended up with a free ticket as someone had a family who was sick and couldn’t attend. Her seat was third row so she was so lucky! The rest of us went to the top part, which would be the equivalent of balcony seating for me. They said they didn’t have seats together so we all got assigned seats away from each other but when we got in the entire theatre was nearly empty. Some people did arrive late but as most never did some of us moved around to either be closer to each other or closer to the middle. My sister and I actually did get seats together but all the way at the end so we did move over a seat. We should have moved over more! We could still see most of what was happening but missed a lot as well.


The theatre itself was gorgeous though. It was incredibly beautiful and while the balcony was quite steep there was plenty of railings to hold onto. One lady refused to move when my sister and I were walking past her to get to our seats saying she was having difficulty with the height. I agree that it can be tough, I had a hard time when I first went to see Jersey Boys at the CBIC Theatre in Chicago while in college but I thought she was slightly exaggerating out of laziness or rudeness. We literally had to climb over her. But about ten minutes into the performance she had to be escorted out because she was freaking out too much and apologized profusely on her way past my sister and I saying she just couldn’t stand it.

Our tickets were around $300 Mexican pesos so it wasn’t a lot and my sister and I did kind of regret not going down a level but we wanted to stick mostly together. The next level was $900 and the orchestra was $1,000 so the prices converted to US dollars was really good. My family members from Mexico got discounts as Mexican citizens so I really need to get dual nationality!


Overall the performance was beautiful. We didn’t get programs when we went in and I still have no idea where they were but my cousin did manage to get me one. It would have been nice so we could reference it to know where each dance was from as they were all different kinds of dances from different regions in Mexico. There are two different performances according to the program. I read through the dance descriptions but it looks like we saw all of them. There are 8 dances on each program but the only one that’s different between them was number 6, and we saw both of those so I’m not quite sure what’s going on there.

They were all really beautiful and the costumes were incredible. I did like being high up so I could see the costumes swirl around and when the musicians were raised on a platform in front of the stage it was nice to see them right away. They also played on occasion from the middle of the orchestra level and one of the boxes.

The music was live and incredible. I did feel that there was a harp duel that went on a bit too long but the mariachi part was great.

There were about eight dances in total. They had costume changes each time with elaborate costumes and intricate dancing. I didn’t feel that any were done better or worse than the rest although I am not familiar with the dances. My family members who are all said they were really good though so I’m happy.


I think this is definitely a show worth seeing in Mexico City. It is really beautiful and I really enjoyed getting to watch the dancing and start the day with some amazing music. If that doesn’t sound like your thing, I’d still recommend stopping by. The building is breathtakingly beautiful! The upper parts of the building also house exhibition halls for art and there are murals as well, including one painted by Diego Rivera. We didn’t get to see the top level of art as we were meeting family for lunch but it looked like the current exhibition was of photography so it would have been nice to see. Maybe next time there will be something cool going on as well! Anyway, it is free to get to the upper levels, you just need to request a free ticket at one of the windows in the lobby area.

And that’s my review of the ballet! Let me know if you’ve seen this or maybe something like it in another country (or your own). I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I’ve never seen a ballet show but I think I’d love to. The photos you took of the building are breathtaking. 💗 Poor lady that had to be escorted out! Glad you & your sister got a spot by each other at least & that the performance was enjoyable!!! ♡


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