My Target Honest Beauty Box!

Hi everyone! I’m back! Today I’m sharing my latest Target Beauty Box featuring products from Honest Beauty. This was the February box and I feel like Target keeps posting these later and later each month. It used to be posted the week before the month started and this time I think it was posted right before I left for Mexico a week into the month. In fact, I’m pretty sure I ordered it from the Target app at the airport. (Not sponsored, just obsessed with Target). They also always send the email saying it’s on sale a day after I’ve spotted them online so if you’re signed up for the emails, don’t wait for them!


As I had to wait to review it until I came back and I probably ordered it late, it is sold out already for this month. These boxes do sell out before the end of the month so that’s something to keep in mind and that’s why you don’t want to wait for that email.

So I don’t want to get all the Target Beauty Boxes going forward, just if they have really cool looking items. The reason I decided to get this box is because I haven’t tried any Honest Beauty items at all and wanted to give them a go. Boxes are $7 so it’s a very affordable option, and with a Target debit card I get 5% off everything from Target and free shipping (again, no sponsored, just obsessed with Target).

From the card that came with it Honest Beauty is started by Jessica Alba, who I believe is an actress. It’s free of parabens, talc, and synthetic fragrances and the box did come with a $5 off a Honest Beauty purchase of $20 or more.

So let’s get into the box contents!


First up is the Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser that has chamomile in it. I wish I could tell you what it smells like but it’s sealed (currently using another cleanser so I don’t want to open it quite yet) and I have a cold so I can’t smell anything anyway.

The box also contains the Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream also with chamomile. Stand by while I try it out. Oh that’s lovely! The smell is actually really strong so I could still smell it. I know that might drive people away so keep that in mind if you don’t want strong smells. The cream is very rich and thick, and my poor nose is so dry because I have to keep blowing it so I’ve packed it on in that area in hopes it’ll absorb it all.

Next there were actually two packets of the Everything Facial Oil. I think whoever was packing the box got confused because I didn’t get the Everything Primer Luminous Base. I was quite surprised at this and I do remember thinking the box looked a little light! I went online to double check the box but as it was sold out I had to go into my orders history. Then I noticed it said it hadn’t been delivered yet! That was silly so I had to call and am currently on the phone on hold with the Target Customer Service catchy hold music. I doubt there’s a solution because it’s an item probably made specifically for the box, not an individually sold and stocked item, plus the box is sold out so it’s not like I can send this back and get another (and I also tried one item already) but I thought I’d check. I’ll update if they are able to do something but if not, I’m not worried about it. I mean, I did get two of one item and it’s not the end of the world!

*Update! They weren’t able to send me the missing item or anything but I did get a $5 gift card from it, so that was surprising! I for sure thought that they were going to say sorry and that was the end of it but that means I got this box for $2! (After factoring the $5 gift card which means I can go spend SO MUCH MONEY AT TARGET because that’s how it works, right?)

Lastly is the Invisible Blurring Powder that I’m super excited to try. It’s meant to be a one shade fits all kind of thing which means I’ll probably like it because there’s no stress of the color not working out.

And that’s my Beauty Box from Target for February! I am so happy I chose to go for this box as it does seem really awesome, even though it was packed wrong. I’m really loving this cream, what a fun first impressions segment!

Also, I know I’ve been all over the place with posts. I had my Monday post mostly finished but I had to finish homework for class Tuesday after I landed on Monday so I had no time to get it finished. I’ll likely post it tomorrow and then do something on Friday. I hope to be back to 5 week day posts next week as I only have one homework assignment due so we shall see what happens! In the meantime, I’ve posted a few photos of my Mexico trip on Instagram already so feel free to check those out! They’re also on the side of my blog and there’s a link in my post signature. Otherwise my username is StarringPamela.

So have you tried anything from Honest Beauty? If so, let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I’ve always wanted to try Honest beauty. There’s always so many ads online for that brand & I love Jessica Alba. I’d be sad if I didn’t get an item but hey! That’s awesome they gave you a $5 credit! Also I giggled a little when you said “stand by while I try this” πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We don’t get anything like honest beauty in England but for 7 dollars it sounds like you have got yourself quite a good little deal- at least its something to look forward too each month too!

    Liked by 1 person

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