My January Life!

Hi everyone! This will be a short post but I’m going to do a little recap on my life this past month!

So I think I have talked about my school life last month a ton, and that was pretty much my entire month, but I can’t skip this post!

So besides class and homework, I got to know my classmates a bit more. I have a few new friends and it was nice to see them when we started the next round of classes. For the most part the students are the same but we have lost a couple and gotten a few new kids. Everyone mostly started at the same time but the few that didn’t have either moved onto their electives or are new students. They seem nice and dedicated though.

I also started planning my trip to Mexico for next week! It was a bit of a last minute trip so I bought tickets, requested time off, and am getting ready to go! I bought a few new things to take with and then threw some of my favorite clothes in the direction of my suitcase so that’s that!

My department got two new people added in and so I’m training! Only a bit because I’m busy but still! I love that I get to try something new. I also got to participate in the interview process so that was really eye opening too.

That’s pretty much it I think! The thing is, my February is looking to be so exciting that I don’t think I can keep looking back at last month much longer! So let me know what you were up to this month. What did you do?

Thanks for reading!


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