My Mug Collection!

Hi everyone! So I really like mugs and collections, which is why I’m combining them in today’s post! I love making some tea so much that I keep most of my mugs in my home office and I keep an electric water kettle in there as well (from my college days).


I also love coffee so I will occasionally go downstairs to the kitchen to use the Keurig. And plus my parents are always making homemade tea as well so there’s always an occasion for a mug!

Speaking of parents, They are not super duper helpful when I try to pick a new phone. I’m so over the iPhone and my iPhone 6 is soooooooooo slow that I’m done with it. I need a new phone and want to buy one this month. I’m thinking either a Google Pixel 2 or a Samsung Galaxy S8. If you have either one of those, let me know if you like them!


First up is my Disney mugs! I actually don’t use these for drinks but they are mugs so I wanted to include them. I have used these before as make up brush holders (Mulan actually still fulfills that role right now). I originally got the four princesses because when the mugs were coming out there was a sale at the Disney Store if you bought 4. I wanted Belle, Tiana, Rapunzel, and I can’t recall which one I wanted as the fourth but I only was able to find Belle and Tiana. The store employee suggested I buy 4 anyway and then bring back 2 to exchange them for the 2 I wanted but the store never got them. At the time I was in college so I could only check with one store as that one was in one of two malls the school provided transportation to. I do love them anyway because Mulan and Pocahontas are also great. Plus I love how two of them have poofy dresses and two do not. I also have Mother Gothel because when the villains mugs were on sale I couldn’t recall which ones I had exactly but I thought I had Rapunzel so I bought it to go with that one. I didn’t but it’s still a cute mug! I wish I had bought another villain one so I could at least have a pair but oh well. I do still love having these although I barely use them.


These next two I use often! The red on the left was a gift from one of my college roommates who got me into tea in the first place. I hadn’t really liked hot drinks before but she would take me to a tea store where we would hang out before her train if she was heading home. It has a little lid to keep the tea warm and a strainer that fits into the mug for loose leaf tea. I have since bought another strainer but I prefer this one actually. The mug itself is a little small for my liking but I do use it often for loose leaf tea.

The second mug is from the Target See Spot Save section. It’s white with gold shiny spots and it’s huge! I do love using it because it’s so big and it’s my most used mug. Which is great because it was either $3 or $5 which I think is a great price for it!


My next two mugs are mostly decorative as well. My Ravenclaw mug I picked up for around $5 at TJ Maxx (my sister has a Slytherin one that I got her as well). I use it on my Harry Potter bookshelf and it holds my wand makeup brushes (that my sister gifted me) and a fake wand I got at an event at the local library.

The second mug is the one of the newer mugs in my collection. It’s a Hamilton mug! I bought it the last time I went to see the musical in Chicago. I haven’t used it yet but I do plan to. I haven’t used it yet but I do plan to soon. It is small, smaller even than my red mug so I will be able to use the strainer with it. I do prefer larger mugs but it’s one of my favorite musicals so I don’t mind!


At work I keep a tall mug at my desk for either coffee or tea. The office provides both options so it’s quite handy! It says “Alumni in Training” and I got it at orientation back when I started at Elmhurst College for my undergrad degree. Technically I am already an alumna but I thought it would be a nice reminder of my next goal there: my MBA!


And the last two mugs are among my favorites as well! The teal on the left is the newest mug from my FabFitFun winter box, that says “I’d rather be in bed”. It also has gold eyelashes! I love this mug so much as it’s so pretty and fancy. I have used this a couple times already and I think it’s great!

The last mug I got from the store Francesca’s and it’s white with gold lettering that says “Blogging Day”!  I saw it last year and loved it so much I went back to the store to buy it. It’s around the size of the red mug so I don’t use it too often due to size but I think it’s sooooo cute!


Honorary mention is for my tea cups! I got them from my sister for my last birthday and one has 9 3/4 on it while the other has the Maurader’s Map. I love them so much and they are also on my Harry Potter bookshelf.


And that’s my mug collection! I don’t have that many that I use on a regular basis actually, although I do have quite a few. I am working on downsizing what I have going forward so I think I might get rid of one or two as I do use most of them (either for drinking tea/coffee or decorative purposes).

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Love your Disney princess mugs! Belle is my favorite, and I think I have a Belle mug, too… But I could be making that up (believing I have one because I want one). I need to go through my mugs because I clearly have way too many. 😂

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  2. Your mug collections seems just as impressive as my snow globe collection.

    I own two mugs basically. One of them I actually made and the other is one I bought at Disney World when I participated in a leadership program with my school, but we had to leave Gardner Webb at 5 in the morning


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