Hello 2018!

Happy New Year everyone! Today, in addition to wishing you a wonderful and amazing 2018, I thought I’d create some blog goals for Starring Pamela! (Oh, and I’m sharing my upcoming January schedule too!)I am actually quite bad at setting goals for my blog and checking in on them so maybe that can be a resolution!


I actually don’t make resolutions so maybe that’s not the best word for it, but let’s move on.

So I’ve been thinking about my goals, and thinking about how my life is changing, as I’m sure everyone else is. But I wanted to focus on my blog today so here’s what I have so far.

  1. Reach 50,000 views in 2018. This would essentially be double of what I received in 2017 but I think we can do it!
  2. Adjust my schedule as needed. In 2017 my goal to blog consistently meant that I was stressing to post 5 times a week in the second half of the year and I think that lead to a blend of topics within the posts. Now that I’ve been through my first semester and better understand what my time looks like, I’ll plan accordingly so that I’m posting less when school work picks up.
  3. Post at least one video per month. I’m sticking to one because of the school thing so hopefully I can do it!
  4. Revamp my blog. I want to make specific blog goals but I’m not quite sure what this one means yet. I’m considering going self-hosted in the summer but if not, I would like to upgrade to the premium plan on WordPress (I’m on the personal plan now). After that I can decide on a new layout, possibly colors, etc. The possibilities are endless!
  5. Look into creating a subscription box! I love subscription boxes and I’d like to create my own. Even if I never actually do it I think it would be fun to go through the process of planning my own box in any case.
  6. Look into creating something. Again, I don’t know what this looks like yet but I do want to make something. Maybe an ebook? Or some sort of printables? Sooooo many possibilities!
  7. Collaborate with other bloggers more! I’ve done a few collabs but not nearly as many as I’d like. I think the problem I have most of the time is that I’m so terrified that I’ll write something terrible or the person I’m writing with will think I’ve done a horrible post that doesn’t do their post justice. Somehow I don’t think that would actually be the case, not because I’m full of myself or anything but because all the bloggers I’ve known are so incredibly nice and kind.
  8. And lastly I want to reach 4,000 followers! This seems like such an impossible number, especially since it’s double what I have now. So we shall see what happens!

I think that’s it for my blog goals. At least for now!

And I promised I’d share my January schedule! So this month I will be blogging on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It’s just because of the J-term class that is taking up my weekends, which is when I would normally be doing my blog writing. After J-term I expect to be back with 5 posts a week! So I will keep my Monday posts to entertainment/books and my Wednesday post will be Beauty/Style posts. My Fridays, with the exception of this week, will be MBA posts!

Next month will be back to the normal posts unless I make any changes but at this time I don’t have anything new planned. If I do end up doing something different I’ll update you at the end of the month!

And that’s it I think! I have a few more random other blog things to do such as updating my “About” page, a few categories I want to change/rename/etc. and a few more odds and ends. But that will be a challenge for another day!

Also if you ever want to collab, reach out! It doesn’t have to be right away, we can always plan for something later in the year. You can leave me a comment or email me at starringpamela@gmail.com.

So, what’s one blog resolution that you have?

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!


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  1. I hope to reach 500 followers by the end of the school year. I only have 30 other followers left to meet that goal.


  2. That would be awesome if you created your own subscription box!
    I think one of my blogging goals for this year is to collab with other bloggers, my only problem is that I have no idea how it works, haha!
    I would love to collab with you some time though if that’s okay with you! xx

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  3. Great goals! I love the idea of a sub box! I hope you’ll update us on what you’re putting in it (even if you don’t actually do it as a business). 😀 Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

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