My December Life!

Hi everyone! Time to recap my life for the month! Continuing the trend of the week, this is the first post of the day focusing on my month. The second post today will be about my year.


It’s been a busy month for me, as I’m sure it has been for everyone else! I have had so many ups and downs throughout the month although I really only have photos of the ups. All the stress? Nope!

Here we go!

Work Holiday Party

I had a great time at my office holiday party! I hung out with some of my coworkers and we FaceTimed my bestie Erin, who recently moved to Arizona. We all miss her terribly, but especially me because she’s my work bestie!

Department Holiday Party

Yes, we had two! My department had a lovely lunch (provided by my managers) and one of our new team members got us a ton of fun activities to play. John and Amy, my coworkers who are normally great people, decided to forgo all morals and tried to cheat off me! Rude! Other than that we had a great time and I am so incredibly happy that I’m part of such a great group.

Chicago Day

My mom and I met up with my sister downtown for a musical. Before she joined us we wandered about the stores and walked by the Christmas market! My photos were a bit of a fail this year as I didn’t get the chance to take photos on my first visit and my second was way too crowded. But it’s a beautiful market.


I celebrated Christmas at home with my lovely family. We had a great day together and a white Christmas! I got so many lovely gifts from them and we watched soooo much Netflix!

Movie Morning

My family and I went to the theatre early this past Tuesday morning so that we could all see Coco together before my sister headed back to her home in the city for work. She works for a museum so she doesn’t get the week off like I do. They’re busy! But she was able to come home for Christmas which was nice. I think she won’t be able to come for New Years because of work but at least she came for Christmas! We might try to make it down to the city one day this week but I’m not expecting it’ll actually happen as she’ll be busy working. Although she can get us into the museum for free, so maybe we’ll try that.


Yes, I really did scream that. I’m so incredibly happy that my first semester of grad school is done! Including J-term and summer, I have 5 more to go but not including them I only have 3! I should include them though as they are classes although it’s only one at a time and I think the summer one is optional. I’m not sure, I was told optional when I signed up for this program but I have since heard otherwise from my fellow students. Le sigh. Either way, I ended the semester with all A’s although technically I got one A- so I only have a 3.85 GPA instead of a 4.0. I literally missed it by a less than half a percentage point so I’m quite annoyed about that but I’m just going to let it go and keep moving forward! Next up is J-term which is my stats class that I’m 99.9% certain I will NOT get an A in. I hate, hate, hate stats. Although, as my lovely coworker put it the other day, a lot of my work now is stats so I may have a chance. Granted Excel does all the work for me and we’re literally going to only use Excel in class so I do have that going for me. And another coworker offered her son’s help as he’s apparently quite good at stats. Yeah, my coworkers are great! 🙂 So I’m going into it expecting the worst but knowing that at least I have a great support team to get me through. I just have to survive three weekends of all day classes first… Yay grad school!

And that’s my month! Let me know what sort of fun things you were up to this month! I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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