My 2017 Life!

Hi everyone! Yay! We finally get to look at my life throughout 2017! I do hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I just love looking back at these memories since they were so wonderful.


So this is almost the end of my two post days! Tomorrow will just be one post as it’s my “If We Were Having Coffee” post (I know you guys love those so be sure to grab a coffee and start thinking of what you would tell me) and then on Saturday I’m going to be posting my December Books as well as my 2017 Books posts as they got booted from last Monday due to Christmas.

I love me some books but I love Christmas too and that one is on a strict deadline!

This post’s format is going to be a little different. Rather than mashing everything up based on categories I’m just going to pick 1-2 highlights of each month and post them here. I’ll leave links to each month’s posts in case you want to see more from that month. In most cases I’ll have added more on the actual post as well. If I did another post on that item I’ll also link it.

Oh yeah, and three posts ago I reached 400 posts! I’m always missing these milestones as they happen haha. But yes, 400 posts on this blog!

So here’s what I’ve been up to!


For January I picked the time I met Veronica Roth at a book release event for Carve the Mark. I try to make it out to book events around me as it’s always nice to meet authors and have signed books. My sister and I were among 100 people at the event (I think) that were picked out of the crowd to meet her in person! She is originally from Chicago I believe. At least she studied here and lives in Chicago now. She was so incredibly sweet and I loved meeting her and getting the book.


Broadway In Chicago Subscription

I didn’t really have an overly interesting February but here’s one really awesome thing that happened, I became a Broadway in Chicago subscriber! I enjoyed being a subscriber for two seasons. It was sooooo easy to get a subscription, exchange tickets, buy more tickets, and I saw so many amazing shows I otherwise wouldn’t have seen! I’m not interested in the next season so I am not renewing but I will consider the subscription in the second half of the year if something amazing comes up (I hear we’re getting Dear Evan Hansen at some point!) and I’m thinking a subscription to a smaller regional theatre might be in order.


March was another quiet month for me but it was the month when I first started considering graduate school seriously. (That’s the college chapel!) I went to an information seminar at the school and learned quite a bit about the program. I did eventually apply after much procrastination!


April was a great month because I went on my first work travel trip! I traveled to the beautiful Houston, Texas for 10 days to work at an event. While a majority of my time was spent at the hotel (check out that Texas shaped lazy river!) and the convention center (and Starbucks lines), I did see some of the downtown area. I wish I’d been able to do more stuff but it was already such a busy trip with work alone. Now I actually work on this amazing account and I’ve already told everyone I was going again in April to Houston and no one has said no yet so…. HOUSTON 2018 HERE I COME! (I hope, because I really, really, really want to go!)

Before the trip:

Packing my make-up and skin care bag!

My packing list!

Dealing with anxiety before travel and on a plane!

In Houston:

My hotel room tour!

My Trip to Houston (trip recaps) Part 1 and Part 2!

After the trip:

My Houston OOTDs!



My birthday!!! So in May I created my own blogging event, #BirthMay! I posted every day, much like Blogmas. Pictured above is my desk that had been decorated for my birthday by my amazing coworkers. Normally it has less streamers and more of a mess. It was a lovely 26th birthday and I do plan to do BirthMay again so look forward to that!



June was a fun summer month! One of my highlights was the company summer outing to the Arlington Race Track where we got to enjoy some horse races and each other’s company. Picture above are two of my work friends, my project manager is all the way to the left, Amy, and then in the middle is Erin, my friend who recently moved to Arizona and also loves TSwift. I really enjoyed the day with them and our other work friends.



I’m starting to have trouble picking the great moments as there’s so many! I picked this photo of me at Six Flags Great America! My mom and I went two days in a row for Fourth of July. It wasn’t so crowded which is always amazing and we had a blast. I spend quite a lot of time at this theme park and just can’t get enough!



In August I attended my MBA program’s orientation and started classes! I was actually accepted in July so it was a pretty quick turnaround after that. It was fun to read my thoughts again from before I started classes. I think I was pretty spot on actually!



Another Six Flags photo, this time from Hurricane Harbor! I told you, I spend quite a lot of time at this park. Also my mom is secretly a paparazzi LOL.



In October I had midterms but, more importantly, I dressed up as Wonder Woman for my costume! I actually prefer Marvel but DC inspired both my costume and my car name (Bruce/Batman) so that’s pretty funny.



I know, another Six Flags day! I really love this park, they need to get me a free permanent parking spot near the entrance or something. Anyway, my sister and I went in November, the first time it was open so late in the year, and while it was pretty chilly there was hardly anyone in the park and we basically walked onto each and every ride we went to. We rode all of them except the kid rides and one of the big rides that makes my tummy sad because it just goes back and forth. But all the other coasters were super fun and I had a blast!


(Posted earlier today so I need to go back and link this post!)


We got the first proper snow of the year on Christmas Eve! We got maybe an inch or two, I didn’t look that closely, but we got enough to cover the ground and for us to have a White Christmas. It was great!

So that’s a short (not really) little recap of my 2017! I can’t wait for 2018 and to see what the new year has in store for everyone. There’s so many possibilities!

So, tell me one awesome thing that happened so far in your year. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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