My December Favorites!

Hi everyone! Our last monthly favorites for 2017! I’ll be posting my yearly favorites later today but for now this is only my December favorites post. As I mentioned in my posts yesterday, I wanted to recap the year before it even ended because 1) I’m super on top of it and 2) I want to focus on 2018 when 2018 starts and not have to worry about looking back at 2017. Actually just #2. I’m not that on top of it considering I just ran around trying to find all my favorites for both this month and the year as a whole on top of yelling at my 2018 banner for falling three times while I tried to put it up.


I know, I have all the chill. Also, why did I buy a 2018 banner instead of a generic Happy New Year one? I can only use 2018 once. That Target dollar section gets me every time (and this wasn’t even a dollar, it was three). I better do a photo shoot with this thing before the year is out even though that means putting myself through the agony of taking it down after I already yelled at it real good for falling.

Anyway, I actually do have quite a few favorites to share today. It’s been the month for new things!

Beauty Favorites


First up is my Farmacy Honey Drop lightweight moisturizer. I received this little sample in a Sephora Play Box and I love it! It does feel so nourishing and calming on my skin so I have started using this every night. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you’ll know I’ve been having issues with breakouts (I know, what the hell, I’m 26. Shouldn’t this all be sorted by now???) so I’m picky with what I use consistently (but I’ll try anything in my boxes lol). So far I haven’t seen any improvement but I haven’t seen it get worse either so I’m okay with this. I would say I’m a little more than halfway through my sample so I can’t wait to try something new soon!

The next item I have is another box sample, the Make Up Forever Excessive Lash Mascara! This mascara makes my lashes look quite long, which is my favorite thing for mascaras so I’ve been enjoying this one. I think I’m nearing the end of this tube so I’m looking to trying a new mascara as well.

The next item is quite new to me, the Ahava Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream. This came in my winter FabFitFun box. I have lotions everywhere because I always get dry skin in the winter and constantly forget to put some on so I need them on hand. This one is normally at my home office desk and I love the smell.

I think I’ve mentioned this one before but I love the Wet n Wild Photofocus Concealer. I have the color 843B in Medium Peach. I have about three concealers going at the moment but I keep reaching for this one.

Another FabFitFun box item I’ve loved is the Trestique Matte Color & Shiny Balm Lip Crayon in Florence Fig from fall box. It’s super easy to apply and I get a ton of compliments on it. I feel that it’s my “perfect nude” (scandalous, I know) so I might have to repurchase when I use this up.

I believe I’ve mentioned this before too but I’ve really liked the Maybelline FitMe Loose Finishing Powder. I have shade 20 in Light Medium. I’ve always enjoyed this line and this product is no exception!

Surprisingly I have loved the Batiste Dry Shampoo in dark & deep brown. Before learning to use it properly I would tell everyone I couldn’t use dry shampoo as it just seemed to make my hair look even more greasy than it was. But since my friend Erin gave me a tip on how to use it right, I’ve loved it! Basically you have to wait after first spraying it on. And not just the one minute it tells you to wait. You have to spray it on, go do your makeup or whatever else you need to do, and then brush it out. While I don’t prefer it to, you know, an actual shower, it’s nice that I don’t have to wash my hair every single day anymore to keep it presentable.

We’re almost through the beauty section. Two more products to go! I received a sample of the Crest Whitening Therapy toothpaste from my Sparkle VoxBox from Influenster. This was free for review purposes but I did love it. I haven’t repurchased as it is quite pricey for a toothpaste (most that I buy are around $2-3 and this is about $6-7 I believe) but it really whitened my teeth so I think I may have to repurchase soon.

The last beauty item is the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil. I also received this product for free from Influenster for review purposes but I am planning a separate post to review this product for next week so stay tuned!


First up is the thisworks deep sleep pillow spray from my winter FabFitFun box. The smell is quite overpowering at first but it settles down into a nice light scent that is meant to promote sleep. I don’t know if it’s acting as a placebo or really working but I do feel that I’m sleeping better. Also I don’t have to get up early for work this week so even better!

I’ve also loved the movie Coco which I saw yesterday. I plan to do a full review of this movie next month but let me tell you, Pixar nailed it. There’s one particularly funny scene early on where the grandmother asks the main character, Miguel, if he wants more food. He politely says no thank you and his grandmother gets all offended and, since it’s possible she misheard, asks “I SAID, do you want MORE TAMALES???” to which any Mexican grandchild will tell you the correct answer is “YES PLEASE”. Even if you’re stuffed to the brim, the correct answer is always yes. This goes for any older Mexican relative that cooked a meal for you because yes, you want more. Eventually Miguel gets it right and gets three more tamales. Lucky duck and he totally learned his lesson.

Oh, and from Netflix, Stranger Things finally got my attention! My family and I watched the entire first season and I think about half of the second for Christmas. I did enjoy it but I think my patience for Netflix ran out sometime after the first season and three movies (Beauty and the Beast, Meet the Robinsons, and Moana, it was a Disney filled week) so I didn’t really pay attention to the second season. To be honest it didn’t seem that great anyway compared to the first. I spent most of the time yelling at the kids to just go find an adult already because their solution of taking Eleven and hiding her in a basement was not the correct solution. Also everyone seemed to freak out about Will disappearing but no one was worried about Barbara. Overall, it was a great show and I’m glad I finally had the time to watch it!


Next is this teal Homemade by Ayesha Curry Ceramic Mug that I also got in my winter FabFitFun box. I swear this isn’t a promotion for that box but while we’re at it, check out my post on the box I received if you want. It was an amazing box! Anyway, this mug is super tall and so pretty! It reads “I’d rather be in bed” which is always 100% true when I’m out of bed and has pretty eyelashes on it (seriously, goals). It makes me so happy and I love it.


I’ve also found this light up Disco Garland at the Target dollar section (probably paid like five though) and everyone at work loved it! One of my coworkers told me to put it up in the window between our desks so that she could enjoy it too, which I obliged as she gets me treats all the time. I only had them up for maybe a day and a half and then I brought them home for New Years. I think it’s cute and it does give off quite a bit of light although it wasn’t noticeable at the office as the office is too bright.

And last is my absolute favorite favorite of the month, my Pink Teal Fuzzy Robe! This was my Christmas present from my mom and dad (well one of them) and I love it! I can’t remember my life before this robe. It’s so incredibly soft and fluffy and warm. I can’t live without it now.


I think this is all my favorites! Usually I forget at least one so don’t hold me to it though. Keep an eye out for my 2017 favorites which will be posted later today!

So let me know, what’s been one of your favorites this month?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love your dry shampoo tip! I’m gonna have to try it out! I’m having a minor operation soon on my face meaning I won’t be able to wash my hair for ages! I need to learn dry shampoo because like you said I’ve never thought it works really! Sounds like I’m doing it all wrong!

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