Merry Christmas – Blogmas Day 25!

Hi everyone! Let’s wrap up this years Blogmas with a Merry Christmas, shall we? I’m cozy and warm in my new fuzzy robe from my parents and I don’t want to ever move. Why aren’t fuzzy robes acceptable as everyday outfits?

I did get more lovely gifts but this robe is just heavenly. I also got running gloves because my parents hate that I never wear any. And no less than 3 Starbucks gift cards this season. They know me so well! There were some more gifts but those are just some of the highlights.

Anyway, we spent the day watching the snow come down, Stranger Things, Beauty and the Beast, and Meet the Robinsons. I also spent some time reading They Both Die at the End and watching quite a bit of YouTube. Tomorrow we plan to see Coco! Finally. I can’t wait!

It’s so nice that we actually got a white Christmas! It didn’t look likely at all. But in the end the snow came through.

Anyway it’s officially the end of Blogmas now so here’s all my Blogmas posts in one convenient place!

  1. If We Were Having Coffee – December
  2. My Christmas Tree
  3. My Little Christmas Tree
  4. Going into Finals
  5. Versatile Blogger Award #3
  6. Product Empties – Beauty
  7. My 2017 Instagram Best Nine
  8. Reputation Album Review
  9. Wicked Musical Review
  10. December Women’s Holiday Beauty Box
  11. My Netflix List
  12. Real Neat Blog Award #5 & 6
  13. Product Empties – Skin Care
  14. A Christmas Tag
  15. My 2017 Christmas Market Mugs
  16. My Home Office Decor
  17. End of my First MBA Semester
  18. Product Empties – Body & Bath (& Misc.)
  19. The Liebster Award #13
  20. 2017 FabFitFun Winter Box
  21. December Sephora Play Box
  22. Would You Rather? Christmas Edition
  23. Newsies Musical Review
  24. Merry Christmas Eve!
  25. Merry Christmas! – this post!

And that’s my entire Blogmas! I do hope you enjoyed it and to everyone who read, liked, and commented on my posts, thank you! For the rest of this week I’m going to be doing my usual monthly end posts but will add a yearly recap as well since it’s the end of the year. I’ll also give you my new January schedule this week and my books post will be on Saturday.

So with all that said, Merry Christmas!!!

Thanks for reading!


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