My 2017 Home Office Christmas Decor – Blogmas Day 16!

Hi everyone! Today, I’m sharing with you my Christmas decor pieces around my home office. Oh what fun! Now I’m sure you’ve seen some of these items already, actually most, but I do have some new stuff to show you!


I am actively trying to do more Christmas related posts for Blogmas. I didn’t do too many at the start of the month so now I think I’m trying to overcompensate. Not to worry, tomorrow’s post is about school so you have that to look forward to.

Anyway, now that school is over I have had SO MUCH FREE TIME. I haven’t known what to do with myself. Well I was productive. I did go to my eye appointment. I seriously love that my work offers vision insurance as I used part of that towards my exam and contacts. Even then, I still owed over $300 for the rest of my charges. I just paid my next semester so I was a little worried about that (also my tswift tickets weren’t too cheap) but I used my HSA (health savings account) that I get through my work and it paid all of that! I didn’t pay ANYTHING! And that’s even after I used it to pay for my dentist last month. How anyone can think health/dental/vision/car/etc. insurance is a bad thing, I have no idea. I mean, I know I’ve already been paying for it throughout the year but still. I’m happy to have it. But I still refuse to go to any other doctor than my dentist or optometrist.

Oh and I tried to go to a Beauty and the Beast holiday party at my local public library today but it was mostly kids and my mom was being really negative about being there for this event (even though it was open to all ages she refused to participate and kept walking away from the activities so I couldn’t even really do anything) so it didn’t happen for me. And the employees were not very upbeat about being there for the event. They were kind of grumpy and unhelpful although they were supposed to guide  It’s such a shame since they’re literally there to guide you through the activities. There were tons of kids and parents there overall so it worked out for the library. Oh and the other thing was that in order to win the raffles you had to participate in the activities (there were multiple stations throughout the library) but you had to be present to win even though the raffle was a whole two hours later. I had had no intention to be there for two hours anyway so I wouldn’t have been able to win. I was quite sad as I did want to at least do some of the activities (I only did one where you created a sort of candle like item) and the Harry Potter event was fun last year. I’m thinking I should just do the adult only activities but there’s not too many of them. (There is a writing workshop but I’m too shy to attend. There’s also a book club but again, shy. And a robotics group! But that’s for teens so I’m out of luck there.)

Okay, I’ve rambled long enough. Onto the decor!


First up, my Christmas tree! I did a whole post on this already so you can read that if you want more details but here’s my little tree. I think it’s so cute!


That leads me into my Christmas mugs! You can see them at the bottom of my tree photo a bit and I also did a whole post on them. I get them every year at a Christmas market in downtown Chicago and these are the ones from this year. But I have a collection of 10 mugs now (oh geez, I have a problem).


My seasonal fake flowers! I can’t keep plants alive, I’ve learned, so now I get fake flowers and switch them out per season. So far I have bright pink spring/summer ones and these burgundy fall/winter flowers.


I put up my gold, blue, and white sparkly garland up above my desk again. I do like it a lot and I like that I see it when I look up. However I think I want to move my desk so that my back is to the wall instead of me facing the wall. I think it helps against distraction but it kinda makes me feel trapped. Does that make sense?


I haven’t used this one so much for photos this year but I do have this cute little sign that says Fa La La La La with a snowflake! I think it’s so cute!


And lastly are these cute little lollipop and candy cane and gum drop pieces I found before the holidays! I haven’t even had time to take them out of their packaging but they’re all so cute!

Update: I finally did take the wrappings off although I think they looked more more like candy with it because actual candy is wrapped up. Ah well, they’re still cute!

Originally I was going to try to do an OOTD with them but then I was just crazy busy with finals and it slipped my mind. Maybe I’ll still try to squeeze a mini photo shoot with them sometime!

Other than that, they’re so cute I kind want to buy a giant vase or something and put them in there so I can keep them up all year.

So that’s my decor! I was going to put up more but I just didn’t have the time or energy. Plus I knew I was going to have to take it all back down eventually! I know, I know, I’m so lazy haha.

So, what kind of decorations do you love to put up? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Oh I love all your decorations. xx Mine are all purple and white with a little bit of green and red. My tree has purple and white butterflies, baubles, stars and tinsel. The tree is green. On the mantlepiece I have Father Christmas lights. Purple candles and in a glass vase I have filled it with purple red green white baubles. I also have purple snowflakes scattered everywhere. A purchased a gold table Christmas tree one year when on my own. A friend gave me for Christmas one year a gold/silver heart that jingles. Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. On my door I have 4 bows…2 solid red and 2 red and white strips

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