Wicked Musical Review – Blogmas Day 9!

Hi everyone! Today I’m reviewing Wicked for you! I just saw this earlier today and absolutely loved it. I figured I might as well get this post up while it’s still fresh in mind!

I first saw this musical in 2015 up in Milwaukee, and this year is was part of my subscription to Broadway in Chicago. My mom and sister also wanted to see it so I got them tickets for Christmas. They’re expensive family members, I know. My dad “doesn’t like musicals” so he gets windshield wipers for his new truck. He’s the difficult one to shop for.

So my mom and I walked around the Christmas market a bit but it was so packed and cold that we quickly left to find lunch. We then tried the market again but you couldn’t walk anywhere because it was so full so we quickly left again to Block 37, which is like a tiny mall in front of the market and in front of the theatre. I found the perfume I want to buy in Sephora but the lines were crazy so I’m going to just order it online later. Other than that, we then went to the Disney Store and Zara.

Oh and I found myself a new hat! It’s really, um, sharp! Don’t you think? 😀 Wicked does a lottery for discounted tickets at that mall so there’s some Wicked themed stuff in there.

Then we crossed the street to get to the Oriental Theatre and realized that it was lit up in green!

How awesome does that look?! It definitely added to the experience. It was as if we were on our way to see Wizomania just like Elphaba and Glinda!

But we were going to see Wicked so that was even better.

So the first time I saw Wicked I didn’t review musicals on my blog yet. But I had loved it and I remember that I had loved seeing it from the orchestra level. Because I saw it from so close, I was worried I wouldn’t like it from the balcony. I think I do prefer orchestra seating because you’re so close to the action but it is more expensive that way. However for the amount I pay in Chicago for seats higher up, I can see a show in the orchestra level at Milwaukee. It’s such a strange thing!


Overall I thought the effects were amazing. Most of the sets are quite simple but I intricate and detailed. Since the musical has many locations it makes sense that they have little parts that come on and off the stage. The lighting is amazing. I didn’t realize the first time how often Elfie is lit up in green rather than the standard yellow-gold light. By contrast, Glinda is usually in a dazzling bright white light.

Both leading ladies looked and sounded amazing. Each put their own personalizations on the characters and I would assume they’re best friends offstage considering how great they performed together. The rest of the cast was amazing as well and the costumes were breathtaking. I love how the costumes sparkle and there was no shortage of that in this musical!

Since I’d seen it before I knew the story and could focus on everything else. The choreography was very elaborate and dazzling, especially the Emerald City scenes.

My favorite part was “Defying Gravity” for sure. While I love the part of Glinda I think I’d be much better suited for Elphaba but this song would be terrifying to sing for fear of messing up. I’d never perform in front of people but I can dream, right?

Anyway the entire scene for “Defying Gravity” was absolute perfection. I really loved “One Short Day”, “Thank Goodness”, and “For Good” too. Oh and “Dancing Through Life” and “Popular” were so fun!

I really enjoyed the afternoon with Wicked. I don’t know if I’d see it again as I do have a ton of other musicals I want to see someday but I know I’d have to think long and hard about it because I do love this musical. While it does feel like it’s meant for a younger audience the story is just so sweet and has great messages for female friendships, social activism, a warning to always listen to the other side of the story as it isn’t always straightforward, and to always stand up for what is right.

That’s my review of Wicked! Let me know if you’ve seen this musical or if you plan to. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I had to sing “For Good” in one of my Elemantary music class concerts & my sister’s class did “Defying Gravity”! We loved both those songs & sang them at home together over & over, lol.
    I’ve always wanted to watch it live!! Must have been amazing, though, I def get that it seemed geared more towards children!
    And lol at getting your dad windshield wipers! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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