Reputation Album Review – Blogmas Day 8!

Hi everyone! I’m going to go song by song of the amazing Reputation album by Taylor Swift today! WITH A SUPER SPECIAL GUEST! I got the idea from Christine of the Youtube channel xtinemay where she reviewed the album and each song. I considered doing this since. I finally decided to do it because of the fact that I actually got tickets for her Chicago concert! (The June 2nd one.) My bestie Erin got tickets for the Arizona concert so we’re hoping we can go together and then sell one pair of tickets. If not, we will each have to find a buddy to go with!


Speaking of Erin, I facetimed her during our holiday party. Then our project manager and I went to the food area where it was quieter so she could give us a facetime tour of her apartment! We had a great time. Oh and SHE’S MY SUPER SPECIAL GUEST! Yes, my bestie is my Super Special Guest today, and I’m so excited! (More on that in a bit!)

Overall, the album took some warming up to for me. I loved “Look What You Made Me Do” right away but the next singles that were released I didn’t immediately gravitate to. Since I didn’t listen to them more than once I don’t remember much from what I thought of them but what I do I’ll explain under each song. However I did become interested enough to preorder the album and once it finally arrived I stuck it in my car to listen to it a million times. After listening a few times through, I realized I really liked it! I feel that the album flows nicely and it is so cute and fun to listen to. Plus it’s much more grown up and I like the new sound she’s added to it.

There’s definitely more electric/hip hop/rap of an element in there, which I really enjoyed. Due to my love of Hamilton I have realized that I really enjoy these genres (I hadn’t really listened to them before) so this album came into my life at the perfect time. I think she took exactly what I loved of her album 1989 and expanded on it wonderfully in Reputation. Taylor gets so much press about her and she’s not always in control of the story told about her so I love how she’s taken that narrative and basically says “oh, you think this is who I am? OH LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT THAT WOULD ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE!” and then she pours her whole artistic heart into it.

As for my super special guest’s thoughts? She loves it! I asked Erin if she wanted to share her thoughts on my blog and she was so excited to do so. She’s such a lovely friend. In Erin’s eyes, Taylor totally exceeded expectations and killed it! Here’s her thoughts on the album:

Taylor gave us another great album that is super catchy, can be played on repeat, and gives us a look into her life. She is a great storyteller with her songs. You can picture what she is saying almost like you can picture what a music video would look like.



I 100% agree with Erin (pictured above, she’s the redhead – although I think the shadows aren’t showing her red hair as much but basically I’m super jealous of her hair haha)! We chatted a bit more and agreed that Taylor is so straightforward with what she’s trying to say and gives so much description in her lyrics that we can immediately understand her world. And I think Erin hit the nail on the head when she said you could see the music video. I often watch music videos and literally don’t see anything that relates from the video back to the song. Not so with Taylor’s videos! The video tells as much of a story as the song does, and immerses us in the narrative Taylor is sharing with us.

Thank you Erin for sharing your thoughts on my blog! Also look at the photo of us from the summer outing! Miss you!!!


And now for the promised song by song thoughts! There are 15 songs so I will try not to ramble, here we go!

  1. “…Ready for It?”
    I think this is one of my top three favorite songs. I absolutely love the edgy sound and the lyrics. It is so catchy although I have to admit, it took some getting used to. However I love the imagery that Taylor sings about throughout the entire song. Particularly that island getaway. (Probably because I need a vacation so bad.)
  2. “End Game”
    I actually didn’t like this one at first either (there’s a theme I guess) but it’s really grown on me. I really enjoy the catchy chorus and the guest artists, Ed Sheeran and Future. Oh, and Taylor’s great line of “I swear I don’t love the drama, it loves me!” is one of my favorites in the entire album. Erin actually used it when we were chatting with our project manager who was totally judging us when we told her where the lyric was from.
  3. “I Did Something Bad”
    Another song I can’t get enough of. I love how Taylor is so unapologetic on the aspects of her that get the most criticism. Basically once she’s done with someone she is so totally done with them, and I get that completely because that’s how I am too! While for Taylor it’s more of a romantic relationship thing, it’s just me all the time. Basically, I relate to this song so much.
  4. “Don’t Blame Me”
    I think this is the last song that I’m going to say that I had to get used to before I liked it. I actually didn’t realize how much I liked it until about a week and a half ago when I realized that I was singing the chorus to myself. Since then it’s been one of my favorites! This is one of the top three for sure. Even with the drug references, I like this song (not a fan of drugs here, I’ve never tried them and never will) but as it’s used more for the “love” aspect then I can get over it.
  5. “Delicate”
    So this isn’t one of my favorite songs. In fact I think that it’s one of my least favorites but only because of how extremely lovey-dovey it is. I think that it sounds lovely and the chorus is cute but the rest of it is just too much love for me.
  6. “Look What You Made Me Do”
    I think this is the best song of the entire album, and also in my top three. This is the song that everyone has at listened to at least once I think since it’s the first single released from the album. I really like it and the music video is amazing. Again, I really love the ones where she takes the criticism she gets and owns it.
  7. “So It Goes…”
    I like how soft and quiet this song is, however it’s not one of the most exciting songs on the album.
  8. “Gorgeous”
    This is the only song on the album that I actually dislike. I think the annoying voice at the start just kind of ruins it and then the rest of the song is just weird.
  9. “Getaway Car”
    Normally I don’t like repetitive songs but I really like this one. I think the song changes enough at such a good pace for the story. Since it keeps moving then it’s enough to keep me entertained from start to finish!
  10. “King of My Heart”
    This song is also super catchy and somehow the lovey-dovey aspects of this song don’t bug me as much. I am really liking the quieter songs at the end of the album, and although I often don’t get this far in the album when I attempt to listen to it all the way through, this is always a great song to skip to.
  11. “Dancing with Our Hands Tied”
    This is a song I haven’t listened to enough, but I like the melody and sound of it. The chorus sounds so nice so I need to listen to the end of the album a lot more than I have.
  12. “Dress”
    This song just makes me laugh because I think it’s so over the top. It’s definitely one with a lot of adult level content in it so while I like the melody of this one, I generally skip it. It’s just a little too much for me most days.
  13. “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”
    Another song I totally relate to because of the same thing as the “Don’t Blame Me” track. I think sometimes you just have to do what you have to do and take care of business, which is exactly what this song sounds like to me!
  14. “Call It What You Want”
    Clearly I need to listen to the end of the album a whole lot more because I had to look up the lyrics for this one and I can only remember the chorus. This one doesn’t seem to be one of the most memorable then.
  15. “New Year’s Day”
    Again, I don’t often get this far on the album but I’ve listened to it enough times that I’m starting to like this one. This was actually the song I thought I’d like the least before I really started to get to know the album and story. But it doesn’t seem so bad and I quite enjoy it now.

So that’s my thoughts on the album and songs with my super special guest, Erin! Let me know what you think of the album and which songs are your favorites.

Thanks for reading!


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