My 2017 Instagram Best Nine – Blogmas Day 7!

Hi everyone! It’s that time of year again when we all post our nine best photos of Instagram! I seriously love doing these, and I had to jump in when I saw this was back! I used this site to find my top photos (you do need to have a public account I believe). It’s super easy to screenshot after it creates the top nine photos collage. I mean, I guess you could do it yourself but this is much easier!


I have to admit, I’m using Blogmas as an excuse to procrastinate on working on my presentation and before that I was trying to shop for a shirt on Etsy for the TSwift concert in June. Or May if I go to Erin. I tried Taylor’s actual site but if I didn’t buy a Schuyler Sisters shirt at Hamilton for $50 I’m not getting a Taylor shirt for that amount. Sorry not sorry Taylor.

Okay, here’s the photos!


I think you guys have already seen all of these, as I put them on my blog usually and plus a ton of you follow me on insta already. (If you’re following me and I’m not following you back on insta leave me a comment with your username so I can look for you! I get a ton of spam accounts that follow me and unfollow me like crazy so I don’t often check who’s new because it annoys me!)

Three of my nine photos are of ballet. Those photos were always everyone’s favorites. I think because they were so bright and those mirrors were amazing! I really loved taking ballet and I hope to do so again in the summer if it’s offered again.


Then there’s the photo where I showed off the KISS Lashes from my Influenster Sparkle VoxBox! This is the makeup I wore to Hamilton and then I added the lashes, which I thought looked amazing after I finally got them on. I need to practice!


I got a ton of likes on my cute snowman cookie and chai tea latte from Starbucks. Now I totally want to get Starbucks on my way to work tomorrow. I just decided, I’m totally doing it.


Can’t forget the time that I sat on the Target basket display! I loooove Target!

Two of the photos are from the day that my sister and I went to see Rent in Milwaukee! It always surprises me because the musicals I think will make it in my top nine don’t and I hadn’t expected to see Rent in there! It was an amazing musical and I just remembered I forgot to get the movie from the library for the millionth week in a row. Sadly the movie was removed from Netflix before I could see it. But seeing it live was incredible! Plus, I had won discounted tickets in a lottery, so that sweetened the deal!


I seriously love my mom so much for getting this photo because I love it! We were hanging out at Hurricane Harbor in Six Flags Great America and while I was in the lazy river she took this photo of me! I seriously miss Six Flags right now as it’s closed for the winter.

So that’s my Instagram Best Nine! Let me know which of them were your favorite and if you did your best nine as well!

Thanks for reading!


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