My Little Christmas Tree – Blogmas Day 3!

Hi everyone! I bet you thought yesterday’s tree was the only tree post you were going to get, right? Wrong! I have a BONUS tree! This tree is tiny but I wanted to add some Christmas into my home office, so I figured, why not put the little tree in my office?


Fun fact, my sister apparently was planning to take the tree to her apartment, but luckily one of her roommates got a tree for them. Her aunt had been at an estate sale and found the tree so she bought it knowing her niece had her first place and would need one. Then the roommate got the tree from her mom’s garage, put it up when my sister was home putting up the pink tree and then went the extra mile. The roommate (who I’ve met and is very lovely) has an obsession with skeleton dogs (from Halloween) and bought Christmas sweaters for them! She’s hilarious. I really should chat with her more, she’s big into theatre so she could tell me so many things about it I think!


And here’s the tree! Unfortunately the blue doesn’t contrast as much with the green as I thought it would but I’ll live with it. As you can see, there’s a bit of other Christmas decor in the area of the tree so it’s a really Christmas-y set up.


Starting with the top, I didn’t have a tree topper to use as the ones we have are huge and meant for a full sized tree. So I went with this bluejay. I bought it when I was an undergrad student as the school mascot is a bluejay and since I’m back there as a grad student I figured it was only fitting to use it again!


The photos are actually darker than I thought they would be. Somehow they always look lighter on my phone. But here are some ornaments I used! Like the big tree, I have little jewels on the tree, which I used on last year’s tree as last year was blue and silver. I also have the blue bead strings as well from last year. New this year is this blue and silver vintage ornament my sister bought me.


This tree has more of my fun ornaments, including these two. I have a pink and crystal ballerina doing a pirouette here. I also have a gold carousel! These two are from the Christmas market in downtown Chicago at the Daley Plaza and are super fragile so I have to be careful when I pack them up every year. But they are so cute!

Other than that, I chose not to put the other decorations I had planed on the tree. I wanted to keep it simple in the end so it wold also be easy to take down in a few weeks. Next year if I put it up again (which I probably will because it’s small and easy to put up) I’ll probably do a silver or gold theme so it’ll show up more. Unlike the tree downstairs, I won’t have presents under this one (unless I put my new handbag under it – I don’t have buyers remorse but my wallet is crying!) and it does have Christmas mugs under it. Speaking of, I know I did a Christmas mug post way back in the day, it was one of my first ever posts, so if you want an updated one for 2016 and 2017, let me know! I can add it to Blogmas! In the post I said I might not buy any more but that turned out to be a lie because I totally did buy new mugs.

So, what color is your tree? Do you think of a theme or load it up with every decoration you can get your hands on? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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