My November Life!

Hi everyone! Where did November go? Honestly I feel like I blinked and missed it. I also feel like I need a vacation but don’t we all? So it’s time to share all the fun stuff I’ve been up to this month. Somehow I managed to fit some excitement in there!


I have to say, I’m not super into the holidays yet but I feel it coming! But December is coming anyway so I’m getting mentally prepared.

So here’s some fun stuff I did in November!

So first up, I went to Six Flags! My sister and I went for the “Last Call” event. This is new, and I love how many new things Six Flags Great America has been bringing in so far. It really keeps it interesting. Anyway, this is the first time the park was open past Fright Fest/Halloween. For three weekends in November it was open. The main thing about Last Call was the beer stands in the park. It operated like the Taste of Chicago if you’re familiar, where you pay money for tickets that you use to exchange for the drinks. My sister and I didn’t partake as we quickly realized most people in the park were busy drinking and there weren’t many people to begin with. We literally walked right onto most rides. I think the only ones with a wait were Joker and Goliath as they are the newest and don’t fit too many people at once. It was amazing! We went on pretty much every coaster and it was great!


It snowed! Just once and that’s all it was. I still got excited! But then I had to go to school for an Excel workshop on pivot tables and it melted by the time I got back.

Per usual, musicals! I mentioned these in reviews, and various other posts but here they are again in case you missed them! I saw School of Rock, Escape to Margaritaville, and Hamilton. I loved all three and it rained each and every day that I went downtown for a musical. Just my luck!


Just some fun, I finally found an empty Target basket display and sat on it! People were not amused but my sister’s mad photo skillz got me a photo really quick. Protip: these aren’t too sturdy and tip over easily towards the front!


I also went to the Christmas market on Daley Plaza! Somehow I didn’t get any photos the day I went? I did get this one about two weeks before it opened while they were setting up. I’ll be sure to get photos when I’m there again next month! I literally can’t believe I didn’t get any photos! Another fun thing I didn’t get photos for was the goodbye get together we had for my bestie Erin. She moved to Arizona with her boyfriend this month so I organized drinks after work with her. We enjoyed $4 wine for the location’s happy hour (pinot noir, yum!) and had a great time with our coworkers. I keep telling her to go work from the pool at her apartment complex but she keeps saying no. How strange!


The Thanksgiving holiday was nice! My family stayed at my uncle’s home. My sister and I took my 17 year old cousin to Target so we could get pumpkin pie and toothbrushes. We forgot the pumpkin pie but we did get a card game of Oregon Trail and the three of us got matching pjs! My other cousins (her older sisters who are around my age) came by the next morning with their kiddos and immediately asked why they didn’t get any. It was hilarious and we told them they should have come shopping with us the night before. It was nice to see them even for just a little bit as we don’t get to often.


And lastly I bought some cute owl caramel chocolates from a fundraiser! I need to buy from another fundraiser actually before I forget but these I bought from a classmate who sends me his homework so we can compare our answers and make sure they’re right. That fundraiser was for his niece.

And that’s pretty much it! I did spend quite some time on homework this month and since that’s not exciting I’ll spare you the details on that. So, let me know what kind of fun things you got up to this month! You know I love to hear all about it!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Can’t wait to see the pictures when you go back to the Christmas market! I didn’t even know there was an Oregon Trail card game! I gotta look for it now!

    You look so cute in that Target basket! I told my boyfriend how cute I thought they were when I first saw them, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really hope I get to take pictures next time. I’m going to a theatre one street over so I’m sure I’ll stop by but if it’s too cold I won’t stay long! 😂 Haha thank you! I love the baskets, they’re just so adorable!

      Liked by 1 person

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