My November Favorites!

Hi everyone! I feel like I’m late posting my favorites for the month but it’s still the last week of November so I’m on time! I keep thinking November should be over as Thanksgiving was last week. I’m so ready for December.

So, so ready…

Actually I just remembered I haven’t started writing any Blogmas posts so let me take that back. 😂

ther way, I still need to share my favorites today!

rhaps not my best photography showcase but here are my favorites! First up is the NYX First Base Primer Spray. I don’t love it as much as the Urban Decay one I had last month but this one is a pretty good substitute. I think it works quite well for me as it isn’t slippery on my face and holds well.

I also love the KatVon D Lock It Concealer in M25 Warm. Somehow I got the right shade! Yay! I’m finally getting good at this. Although I’m rapidly losing the little bit of tan I got over the summer so that’s a future problem. But I love how easy it is to cover spots with this one. I use a little dot and it covers all day. I love it!

I also have enjoyed the My Burberry Blush perfume. I have a small sample from my Sephora Play Box and while I don’t think I’ll get a full size or even travel size it’s been a great change. I guess I’m still on the hunt for my “signature scent”!

I’ve also been impressed by the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer which hadn’t really worked for me before but somehow it’s been working really well for me now. I ran out of my previous one and so I reached for this one. My eyeshadow creases easily as I have oily eyelids but this one has kept everything in place well!

My last two beauty favorites have been a pink eyelash curler I bought in Mexico and a sample of Make Up Forever Foundation. I don’t remember the brand of the eyelash curler as I bought it a year ago but I used it this month and loved it. It seemed so scary but was rather easy. I also have liked my foundation sample but I think it’s a tad too dark so I don’t use it too often. I do like it though as it has good coverage and lasts all day.

As for my non-beauty favorites I have my little Hamilton magnet I bought while at the musical. I’m so obsessed with this musical! (Although I’m sure you know that by now considering how often I talk about it.) I also recently started using a new candle in my home office, Dolce from Bath & Body Works. I’m normally not a fan of overly sweet scents (despite a severe obsession with sugary treats) but this candle is from last year so the scent has had some time to air out a bit so it’s not overpowering. For me that’s great as I don’t want to get sick of the scent, I just want a hint of it in the air!

And I’m sure I’ve forgotten something but I’m falling asleep now so I’m off to bed! But leave me a comment about your favorites for the month. I’ll read them tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!


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