My Influenster Update!

Hi everyone! I thought I’d share the photos of my Influenster Sparkle VoxBox and my thoughts on the items! I will try to keep it brief as there’s quite a few items and it’s quite late.

My sister came home for Thanksgiving so we spontaneously put up the tree. I can’t wait to show you! But not until Blogmas!!! Unless you follow my Snapchat because I put a photo there already haha!

I received the following box and items free for review purposes from Influenster. All the opinions are my own!

So you might remember from a previous post that I was selected for the Sparkle VoxBox from Influenster! And if you follow my Instagram, you have seen my photos already!

The first item I tried was the Crest Whitening Toothpaste. I do actually think it worked! Before using this toothpaste I was trying the charcoal toothpaste from my FabFitFun box and didn’t like it at all since I didn’t see any different. Plus I always followed up with regular toothpaste because I didn’t feel like it cleaned my teeth. With this toothpaste I noticed results almost immediately and I will be repurchasing!

The next item is the Garnier Cleanser. I do like this one as it makes my face feel all smooth and clean. I don’t see myself repurchasing this but mostly because I have so many cleansers that I need to use up that I’ve gotten in boxes like my Target Beauty Box and Sephora Play Box. However this cleanser is great and I really have been loving it!

The next item is the Sinful Colors Glow in the Dark Nail Polish. I like that it goes on clear but it takes quite. But of product to get it to glow and it didn’t come up on the photos very well at all. I had to hold my bottle and fingers up to a lightbulb to get some sort of glow to it to take the above photo. Also I had put it over sparkly blue but it just does a regular green glow and no hint of the color under. I don’t think I would repurchase but I’d consider other bottles of this brand as it does seem good and affordable.

Next is these three Welch’s Fruit Roll Snacks. I loved these! I love fruit snacks so they were something I was very excited to get. I love strawberry but the mixed berry and tropical flavors were amazing too. I would repurchase but I didn’t spot them when I was in the store so maybe they’re really new and not out yet.

I also got a pack of Numi Tea. There were five different teas, all meant to help with something different. I don’t normally go for tea bags as I prefer loose tea and I likely wouldn’t repurchase because I have a ton of tea already but I did like them and thought the concept was cool.

Last but not least is these Kiss Faux Mink Collection lashes. I have never tried lashes before so I wasn’t great at putting them on and was terrified when it came time to take them off. But they looked and felt great so I need to practice putting them on so I can wear them! I believe you can get a few uses out of lashes so maybe I’ll buy a cheap pair and practice so I can save these for special occasions later. I did love how they looked although I think I needed more glue as the corners kept lifting off!

And that’s my update for my box! Sorry if the formatting is a bit off for this post, I’m on my phone today rather than my laptop which is what I’m used to! But I hope you liked reading my thoughts on each product. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or if you think you would be interested in any of these. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I like the cleanser too, but like you I also have other cleansers I need to use up. That one is such a big size though. It will probably take forever to use it all up.

    I did not like that nail polish at all. It just goes on clear and has very minimal glow. I prefer more colored polishes.

    The fruit snacks had a decent taste, but I found they were too sticky for my liking.

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    • Yeah it’s a huge bottle of cleanser so it will take quite awhile!
      I had to put A LOT of polish to get a decent glow. I don’t ever have time to do my nails so I don’t think I’m going to be using it often haha.
      I really did like the snacks but I do know what you mean about them being sticky. I didn’t mind but that’s too bad that you didn’t enjoy them that much.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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  2. The lashes look great on you! I’ve used the strip lashes but I find them difficult to apply and I always have the corner lifting issue. Corners need to be held down extra long to dry. I typically apply individual lashes instead. It takes longer, but they are easier for me.

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  3. Can’t wait to see your Christmas tree!! I highly recommend that you DON’T buy any Sinful Colors nail polish because they will stain your nails for so long–even the salon won’t be able to wipe it clean for awhile!! At least.. that’s what happened to me and the red shade of Sinful Colors nail polish. I wanna try those Welch’s fruit rolls even more now, hope I can find them in store next time I go lol. I think you did well on the eyelashes, they look pretty on you! I can’t get those on for the life of me!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my goodness! Maybe I’ll skip them then! Did you use a base coat? I usually skip that because I’m lazy 😅
      I haven’t seen the fruit rolls yet but I will keep looking. They were good!
      And thank you! It took a bit to glue down the corners though!


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