Tag Me Tuesday – The One Year Tag!

Hi everyone! Today I’m doing The One Year Tag! I was tagged by Lui Maria, the amazing creator of this tag! Lui Maria is a New Zealand blogger who is such a kind and lovely young lady! She blogs about positivity, her life, and so many more awesome topics. I highly recommend her blog!

This tag is meant to serve as a reflection piece, thinking about your blog around this time last year, this year, and next year. I am so excited to do this post as I don’t think I do enough of this!



A year ago…

My blog had just turned 1! I was finally blogging regularly and had steady stats month to month. I was participating in NaNoWriMo and getting ready for Blogmas. This is when I was starting to review musicals I’d seen as well, which I still do today. I blogged about 3 times a week then I believe and I was still really shy when blogging as I felt I was still “too new” to talk to other bloggers. Seems silly now but it’s true!

This year…


I am finishing up my first semester of grad school. I have three more weeks left in the year and then I’ll be one semester closer to my MBA! I’m getting ready for finals now, which is why this post is late today (I had to finish my portion of the project before our call). At work I have a new position and a new manager so it’s been a bit of an adjustment period getting used to being in school again and handling the new workload.

As for my blog, I post 5 times a week (every weekday) and if I’m being honest, it’s a bit much but I’m going to do Blogmas and reevaluate my schedule after the new year. Actually I might be gone for most of January because I have a very intense class coming up so here’s your heads up! I have so many lovely blogging friends that I wish I could hug in real life (unless they don’t like hugs, in which case I’ll respect your space!) and I have so many people that leave lovely comments. I think my manager and coworkers stalk my blog which is kinda weird but ultimately I’m okay with it.

This section is getting quite long but I feel like this year has been great and I am so happy to have experienced all that I have in 2017.


Next year…

Around this time next year I’ll be preparing for finals again but I’ll be one semester away from graduating at that time! Two more classes and I’ll have my MBA! Unless I chose to stay in school another year for my JD degree too…

I’m not sure other than that what will be happening. In my life, things tend to happen fast so I could still be in Illinois or maybe I’ll have moved somewhere else or be exploring a new industry or both! I do plan to still be blogging so my blog will officially turn 3!

So that’s The One Year Tag! If anyone wants to do this tag, please do so! It’s super fun and I can’t wait to see what 2018 is like. And my final grades for the semester! So, anyone planning to do this tag?

Thanks for reading!


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