10 Places I Want to Visit!

Hi everyone! So I have itching to travel for a while now, and every time I try to start planning something I get overwhelmed with all the options. There’s just so many places! I figured I should do a list so that way I can at least think about narrowing it down.

While not all of these would be trips I would make right now, it’s fun to dream, right? I know that I likely would be traveling alone, which I’m 100% okay with. I love traveling alone! But right now I have a lot of work, plus school, and I want to save money again so I don’t think I’m going anywhere soon. Oh, fun story about work. I totally pranked my coworker John today by telling him my birthday was yesterday. I’ve done this about three times in the past few months and he still freaks out every time. My other coworker and work bestie Erin totally should have gotten an Oscar as she kept a totally straight face for most of this. She even said she’d brought me a doughnut yesterday even though that did not happen at all. Ah, fun times!


Okay, here’s my list! These are just the first 10 that came to mind, in no other particular order.

  1. Barcelona, Spain
    I studied abroad in Barcelona and the city is still one of my favorite places in the world. Its a beautiful city and I can’t wait to visit again someday.
  2. Cancun, Mexico
    I’ve mentioned this a few times before but my family has always wanted to do a vacation in Cancun. We’ve never been able to make it happen but I think we’re getting closer.
  3. Washington D.C.
    I was in D.C. for President Obama’s second inauguration but was only there for one day and barely saw anything because everything was closed for the occasion. I’ve been assured by many people that I’d love it and I would consider moving there someday so I want to see my potential future home!
  4. Houston, Texas
    Another city I visited briefly, but for work. I was in Houston for an event back in April and I loved it. I only saw downtown but I had a blast and the city was amazing. I’m trying to be selected to go again next April for the same event!
  5. Machu Picchu, Peru
    I feel like this is on a lot of people’s travel bucket list and it’s totally on mine too! I would love to see this place and explore. My sister has gone and she loved it. Her photos and everyone else’s look so amazing!
  6. New York City, New York
    Broadway is pretty much the only reason NYC is on this list. I’m pretty sure I’ll hate it actually! It just seems so overwhelming. I totally want to see Anastasia though. And Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
  7. Kauai, Hawaii
    My first ever business plan in high school was for a hotel I would have on Kauai. Ever since researching Kauai I’ve loved the idea of the island and have always wanted to see it for myself.
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark
    I don’t even know much about Copenhagen but I really want to go!
  9. Tokyo, Japan
    I’d love to be there for the Olympics especially but I’ve always wanted to visit Japan. There’s so many places there that sound amazing. Plus, one of my grade school friends has been stationed there for the Navy and her adventures always look like fun.
  10. Phoenix, Arizona
    Aforementioned bestie, Erin, is moving to Arizona so I want to visit her once she moves in and is all settled! I will miss her terribly as we do everything together at work but I’m so excited for her to explore a new place!

So that’s 10 places I’d love to visit! I have a million more but these are just the ones that came to mind first. So, where do you want to visit?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. All of those places sound lovely! I adore traveling! I am going to Nicaragua in January! I have always wanted to go to Ireland and New Zealand! πŸ’•

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  2. Paris, France: been there but was too young to remember much

    New York, New York: want to do a theatre themed trip

    Some where in California

    Mexico or Spain or some other Spanish speaking country: honestly want to see Les Mis in Spanish

    London, England: been there before but only spent 4 1/2 days there so want to see more of it

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  3. What a great list girl! I would also love to visit New York and Tokyo πŸ˜€ One day… I visited Copenhagen in August and I absolutely loved it ❀ It's one of the nicest cities I have visited. I also wrote a blogpost about it, should you be interested in some ideas πŸ™‚ xx

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  4. I want to explore Houston too! lol since I don’t live too far, I’ll definitely make time to do that soon. On my list, is New York City, New York, North Carolina, Greece, England and Italy.

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  5. Copenhagen and Berlin are definitely up there. I live in NYC and one of my favorite things to take advantage of are the Broadway shows. So far Ive seen Mama Mia, Beauty and the Beast, Jersey Boys, and the Christmas Spectacular show. Its definately an experience.

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  6. I’ve read that Pheonix Arizona is well-know for its spa resorts so I’d definitely try them out if I ever went there. I’d love to go to the Bahamas, it looks so beautiful and they have pigs on some of their beaches! x

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